Friday, January 7, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Its been awhile since my last blog. Let's just say the holidays got the best of me. Where to begin...Off to Florida for 2 weeks for Christmas 2010. Anyone who knows us would say the "retirees" are at it again. Hold on - I did see a client down there for a few days so I guess that counts for something. Then, we find out about the big winter storm that hit the northeast dumping some 29inches in our area. Glad we had missed the tundra but the dilemma of how to get a flight out from Florida and into the snowy mess left us on edge. Normally no problem; hang out a few extra days in the sun...What could be bad? Wrong! We had to get back for a family surprise party that yours truly had organized. Talk about pressure.

The phone calls began to check in with the restaurant booked for the gala event. After the 3rd day of trying to connect with the owner of the restaurant and NOTHING, I knew I had a problem on my hands. Fifty some odd people were about to show up at a place that I could not get a response from. Not to mention we were still stuck in the sunshine state that wasn't too sunny anymore. What to do I thought. What about doing a little yoga to calm the nerves that were turning my stomach inside out. So I took a walk down to the pool, rolled out my mat, and began my practice. After a few minutes of flowing across my mat a woman in the pool shouted out, 'Where's the rest of your Yoginis?" For a brief second I thought - "Is there a hidden meaning in this question? Does it mean no one is going to show up for the party?" I must have had a look of panic on my face because the woman just starred at me and swam away. I rolled up my mat and took a brisk walk back to the house only to hear news reports that first flight out wouldn't be until Thursday. Yikes! That was the day of the party...

I decided to disregard the reports and pack our bags as if nothing had occurred. When my husband saw me packing he simply said, "Boy, you're optimistic." And that I was. Later that evening off we went to the airport. The first thing we did is check the flight board. least the flight did have the word "CANCEL" written across it, but it was delayed. Through security we go or NOT! "I'm sorry you can't bring that bottle of wine on the plane, retorts the security officer. We will have to discard it or you can drink it." Now we're talking. No decision here. My husband and I gathered up our shoes, belts, coats and everything but the kitchen sink and headed back out of security to imbibe. What better way to kill a couple of hours? At this point sleeping in the airport didn't seem so bad.

As luck would have it there was no need to bunk up in West Palm Beach. Our flight was actually going to take off. Okay, so maybe it wasn't the best flight but we did make it back to Newark in one piece. Wish it was that simple. Once we landed we sat on the tarmac for nearly 2 hours to find the ONE open gate. Hmm, maybe drinking the bottle of wine wasn't such a good idea. Not easy to sit in a plane that is parked with the heat torqued so high I thought I was having a permanent hot flash. Finally, we deplane and head toward baggage claim. Oh, did I mention the crazy rude teenager that had a mouth like a sewer while we were stranded waiting for an open gate? Not pleasant.

Off to baggage claim and what do you think we see. That's right, one carousel for 8 flight arrivals. This was not good - breathe now...Our driver assured us he would get us back home before sunrise. Nice! A party with no restaurant venue and no sleep to boot. Low and behold the driver did get us to our front door and hour before sunrise and a new restaurant was quickly arranged to host the affair. All turned out as planned. It's amazing what a little breathing and positive mind-set can do.

Happy New

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