Monday, April 30, 2012

Taking Refuge Within

 Taking Refuge Within

The ancient sages studied man and for that they started with themselves.Through meditation and turning their gaze within they found there was a vast internal life. Going still deeper, they found another life, a self -existent, bodiless, pure luminous being. They found True-Self, they call "Atman," which is pure and untouched by evil. They also found the most inner truth of being is also the truth of all beings.

In their exploration, they also saw the opposite of man or the "Anatma."  They saw how man gives himself false identities, an ego-reign that holds onto attachments and hatred. But they also saw our good intentions or what is known as "Sattvika." Concentrating on the Atmic truth, the ancients found that through it resides all things beyond speech, mind and power. They taught that through this truth all things are manifested and the possibility for a world of great moral and spiritual order. Truth triumphs all, and that which is true never lacks truth.

To find the truth within take time everyday to sit quietly with yourself. Become cognizant of your breath and let go of the tendency to chase the mind. Instead, just let thoughts gracefully move away so the door opens to "true self." This is easier said then done, so you will need to practice patience. Recognize that your true potential lies within. Peace is there. We are the creators of the chaos we experience in life; no one else.


Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


When the ancient sages and prophets talked about having "belief" or "faith" they were talking about something very different then what it means today. The call for having belief or faith was akin to taking action. It was not a call for intellect or a decision to be a believer or not a believer. Being a believer meant you were committed to living your life a particular way. And that way was to live according to the Golden Rule: To do onto to others what we would have them do to us.

Belief was a journey towards God. It was something you could grow into in a practical way rather than an intellectual way.The idea was to have people commit to live by the Golden Rule and by doing this it naturally led to a spiritual upsurge to God consciousness. In yoga one of the Niyamas is called "Ishvara Pranidana" which translates to "God-Focus." It means we should let go of the ego and surrender to God. We should never forget our divine nature and get lost in the physical egotistical nature.

The ancient sages all gave the same message; "let go of the ego." They saw the ego to be the source of all problems.This is because the ego takes us away from our natural essence. A believer says "no" from being disconnected from the whole. A believer seeks the joy that comes from being connected to the whole and open to divine grace.

Let's all become believers today and make a change for the better.

Mary Jane Kasliner
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