Four Exemplars of Noble Living

Confucius, the Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad were all born into ancient cultures in the midst of tumultuous changes. Each addressed fundamental existential problems within their societies, developing codes of ethics and behavior that broke with the past, and offering bold new visions of human life.

Confucius: China's primordial philosopher and sage, whose teaching integrally shaped the Chinese constructs of government, human relations, culture, and history. The Confucian thought formed the basis of Chinese education for 2,000 years. He founded the core precepts of "uncommon" humaneness, reciprocity, and the creative power of virtue.

The Buddha: A high-born prince who turned his back on a life of privilege to follow an unrelenting quest for the "supreme state of sublime peace." His teachings are about the nature of reality, the delusions of human perception, and the practical means for ending suffering.

Jesus of Nazareth: Is a beloved icon of Christianity, a revered prophet in Islam, and the dominant figure in Western culture for nearly two millennia. His archetypal dual role as both harbinger of God's kingdom and spiritual teacher, revealed a liberating alternative to humanity's oppressive inequities.

Muhammad: Al-Lah's "last" prophet and the central example of the faithful Muslim. His teachings brought Islam into being even as he struggled with the roles of both political and military leader of his community. Muhammad teaches oneness and inscrutability of the absolute.

Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad were visonary sages that play a monumental role in our world. Their teachings lead to liberation from the conditioned mind and freedom from suffering. Perhaps today we can all take time to move closer to spirit and evolve to a higher state of being.


Mary Jane - Feng Shui Master & Yogi


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