Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Honor the Beginning!

Manasquan Beach, New Jersey

Beginnings can be delicate or explosive. Either way, they hold the promise of new lessons to be learned, old lessons to be recalled and appreciated. Beginnings can be ambiguous and even fearful, but don't let that deter your enthusiasm for something new. Instead, open your heart and mind to all that the universe has to say. 

Think of this new year as an exploration, a journey to a new place. What will you pack for your journey? Perhaps bring along some lessons from the past that can propel your excitement and curiosity into the future. Whatever you choose, try not to plan out the course, simply let it organically unfold. Don't worry about the specifics or who you need to meet, the right circumstances and teachers will arrive just when you least expect it. All parts of the journey are sacred, so do not place the emphasis in any one particular area. 

Map Your Own Journey:

One of the best approaches to starting something new is go on your own authentic path. Don't let others influence your direction or judge your choices. We all have the freedom to explore where our soul needs to take us. Get out your map and delve in. Let your heart be the navigator, it knows the way. Listen to the voice within, the quiet voice and see where it takes you.  Trust your heart instead of your head. Unfortunately, the head creates too much noise limiting our ability, vision and opportunities. There is a tendency for the head to see with the eyes of fear. It is the heart that sees clearly and takes into account all things that need to be done. Follow the map drawn from your heart and connect to the Universal oneness of all things.

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Yoga Girl - www.fengshuiyoganj.com

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