Cold Weather Yoga Tips

Albeit very tempting to snuggle up under a blanket while the temperature declines, the better thing to do is to move your body. Here are a few cold weather yoga tips to help warm you up and ease stiff joints.

  • Start your day with a few rounds of sun salutations. Follow them up with ground poses to get deeper into connective tissue for full release of any muscle tension.
  • Regular yoga practice will help to build your immune system. That is a perfect way to keep bacteria at bay.
  • Practice pranayama (breathing exercises) to clear out congestion. Kapal Bhati or skull shining breath is a wonderful way to heat up the body during these cold days.
  • Include a meditation before and after your practice to help lift the "winter blues." It acts like an instant mood changer.
  • Because it is cold outside, the body stays in a contractive state. Try adding more shoulder openers into your practice. Be mindful of externally rotating upper arm bones to let the heart come through in poses such as warrior 1.
  • Practice mindful eating as the tendency is to indulge during the colder months. Shift your diet to include more soups, green tea, ginger and stewed vegetables.
This winter stay warm by rolling out your yoga mat and moving with the ebb and flow of your breath!

Mary Jane - Feng SHui Yoga Girl:


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