Watery Energy Peaking and Malasana Pose

Water energy is peaking through the Rat earthly branch with the winter solstice approaching in just two days. Malasana pose is a perfect pose to practice with the water tables filling deep within the earth. The root chakra (earth element) and the navel chakra (water element) are activated in this prayer squat. Samana vayu saturates the intestinal organs with fresh prana in this pose, while apana vayu releases prana downlward to flush the body of toxins. There are a few points to be mindful of when practicing this wintery pose.

  • Draw pelvic floor  up into the body and the low abdomen back into the spine to lengthen and align the spine. 
  • Press arms out against the knees and the knees inward against the arms. 
  • Sense a tremendous release downward through the pelvic floor  as the entire pelvis and abdomen are open towards the earth.
  • With each breath draw into the pelvis and with each exhalation cleanse your entire being through apana vayu.
Malasana, a pose to clear and open into true self!

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl


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