Thursday, October 28, 2010

What About That Refrigerator???

Well, we are coming up on a full week with my "singing refrigerator" being silenced by the unruly service man. The fixture still remains in my kitchen looking as if it always did with one exception...IT DOESN'T WORK! I can't tell you how many times we open it up fully expecting food source and then remember we have to take the daily trip into the living room to find sustenance.

Of course my husband is thrilled with his new living room. It's hard to determine what he is more fixated with now, the remote or the new refrigerator location. Call me crazy but I believe my couch is moving a few inches everyday closer to that Food Box. I just know that in the very near future that refrigerator is going to become the new end table. Here me out on this one. Can you just visualize the're watching your favorite TV show and your hungry, or better yet just thirsty. No need to move an inch, all you have to do is lean forward and open that beast and there you have it. Now I know these refrigerator end tables exist out there somewhere - QVC maybe, but it's not my idea of good feng shui.

This refrigerator issue is beginning to weigh heavy on my last nerve. My plan...make another call to the service department, take a deep breath, and run for my yoga mat. I find a little diversion from the frustration goes a long way.

I loved to hear about some of your frustrations out there and see what karmic cure I have in mind for you!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why The Dented Face?

Okay, so some of my followers have been asking me what the title of my blog page, The Dented Face means. Actually, they really wanted to know how I came up with the name.

It all started about a week ago when I decided to go and have a massage. So right now I'm sure you are all wondering what a massage has to do with the title of my blog page. Trust me when I tell you it has everything to do with it. Let me begin by setting the scene. Not that I have to give you a blow-by-blow description of a massage, so I'll just cut to the chase. The masseuse was excellent, but definitely heavy on the hand. At any rate, I'm at the part of the session when you are face down on that pillow with the center cut out. I can't stand that cut out pillow on those tables. Someone really needs to develop a better pillow system for these tables, but I digressed. Anyway, I had this overwhelming sense that with every stroke across my back muscles by "man hands," the left side of my face was being dented. But the good sport that I am, I say nothing and just lay there feeling the left side of my face go numb thinking - this will be over soon. What felt like eternity passing, the masseuse finally gently taps my back and I know the session is over. I proceed to gather my clothes, get dressed, and nearly frighten myself with the look of my hair. For a moment I thought how a hat would be perfect to don to calm those out of control locks, but no such luck.

I head out from the spa and decide to run a few errands. You would think I would consider going home first and covering the oil laden head - not even a thought. As I go about my errands I'm noticing people really staring at me. Not giving it too much thought, I proceed to go about my business when I catch my reflection in a window front and wonder why my face looks a bit contorted. I jumped back into my car and take a closer look when I see this dent on the left side of my face. Now, I know it is normal to have the "massage face crease" but this was a rather chiseled look.

After eight hours the pillow outline from the massage table is still engraved in my face. A glass of wine later, as I'm tapping on my keyboard writing my first blog, I proceed to check on my new look. I scream up to my daughter and husband half laughing..."Great, now I have a dented face." A voice from above - What a perfect name for your blog page! So this my friends is the story behind the title of my blog page. The deeper meaning...the Buddha image on my page portrays enlightenment, peace, and the ultimate end path for us all. The Dented Face points to human frailty and imperfections. The image reminds us that if we become still in mind everyday we can better handle daily frustrations and move closer to our highest potential.

Stay tuned for my next blog. What's going on with that singing refrigerator?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Who Steals a Garbage Can?

What possesses a person to take a garbage can? Do they have some kind of a garbage fetish or do they simply have to have my garbage can for its' durability. Whatever the reason, I'm just trying to figure out how they confiscated it. I mean the container was full when I took it out to the street, so I'm assuming they waited until the garbage truck came by in the morning and that is when they decided to make their move.

I'm trying to picture the scene...the garbage man empties my can and out from the bushes comes this figure - covered camouflage make-up and a serpentine motion towards the can. Now here is where it gets a bit fuzzy for my imagination. Does the garbage snatcher lift the can by just picking it up and running down the street with it or is there a car involved with the heist?

Days later it is time to take the garbage out again, but no can to store the white bags of trash in. What to do...hmm? Do I just leave the trash bags out by the street and risk being fined by the community for no garbage can, or do I take a walk around the neighborhood to see if I can find the missing can? I decide to send my husband out on detail to find the missing trash holder. However, to no avail. He comes up empty. As I ponder my next move, the thought occurred to me...why not stick your bags in one of your neighbors garbage cans? Did I really think that? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Let's just say the garbage was taken and I didn't receive a summons.

Well, there is now two days left before it is garbage collection time again. I guess I'll just have to resign myself to the fact that my can is gone for good and a replacement will be the only option. In the meantime, to ease the stress and take a load off from the search, I decided to get into one of my favorite yoga poses that really calms the mind and relaxes the body. Legs - up - a wall or in Sanskrit Viparita Karani. It's so easy to do this pose and anyone can do it at any age. Simply lie on the groud on your back and slide your hips up against a wall. Allow your legs to naturally glide up the wall. You may support your lower back by sliding a rolled up towel beneath the sacrum. Spread your arms out to the sides with your palms open to the ceiling. Close your eyes, relax, and sink into the breath. Hang out here for as long as you want to. The only time to avoid this pose is if you have serious eye problems or neck issues. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Living Room Refrigerator

Are you still breathing? So the saga continues with my singing refrigerator. Now that it was put to its final resting place, the appliance department decided to give us a loner refrigerator to get through the weekend. And where to you think they dropped the loner off? That's my living room along side my giant wooden armoire. Move over HGTV here's a new look for living rooms that even your best designers didn't think of.

I'm sure any of the men out there reading this blog think nothing of a refrigerator in the living room and probably think, "What a grand idea." I suppose I can live with this new look for a few days, but I'm a little worried my husband will make it a permanent furnishing. I have to admit it was rather convenient last night while watching a movie to have instant access to food and beverage not to mention the water light on the refrigerator door dubbing as a romantic lighting source. Did I really just say that?

Okay, let's look at this from a feng shui perspective. First off, my new refrigerator sits in the NE 3rd mountain or what is referred to as the Tiger energy. This happens to be a Tiger year and the Grand Duke should not be disturbed. Shame on the Feng Shui master - yours truly who just had to have her new kitchen floor and appliances. Well, let's just say I upset energy that shouldn't have been agitated and the result was problems with the new tile floor along with a new refrigerator blowing apart. Lesson learned...practice what you preach. At least I can rest easy that my refrigerators' temporary home is actually satisfying an elemental cure necessary for this month energy in that particular portent of the home:)

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Friday, October 22, 2010

The refrigerator that sung a high note...

So here I am working away on my computer creating the next feng shui and yoga class and the only thing I can focus on is the high pitch humming sound coming from my new refrigerator. This is a daily song that hums the same note repeatedly day after day. Well, today was the day I had enough of the soprano refrigerator. Along walks in the repair man - did I mention this was a new refrigerator? The next thing I know not only is the singing food box silenced, but it was put out of its misery with a flick of a switch - No compressor and control board. Hmm...Did I mention the refrigerator was fully stocked with a fresh food shop and it was a Friday afternoon? Here comes the good part...Miss Feng Shui Master and Yogi, instead of breathing, finds herself in an outer body experience telling the appliance department a few choice words that I would rather not repeat. So the moral of the story - take a breath before reacting and know your inner spirit is always calm and knows what to do. Whew... Need the shui and yoga -

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