Boost Your Environment Feng Shui Style - Tips to Kick Things Up a Notch!

Sipping my green tea with pomegranate this morning and ready to throw you a few feng shui adjustments that will kick things up a notch around your environment. Here we go!

1. Lighting - This is such a simply way to expand the energy in your home or office. Think upward lighting for those suppressed dark areas. You'll be glad you did. Gravitate towards incandescent or full spectrum lighting whenever possible. These are closest to nature. Of course your best bet is to let the sun shine in whenever possible. Use stain glass or colored bottles on a window ledge to spray a rainbow of colors into your room for a dramatic natural effect.

2. Mirrors - Can enlarge a smaller space, draw positive images into a room, defect negative energy and open up missing sections from the bagua template due to architectural design. Leave these handy accent pieces out of bedrooms please as they are just to energetic for the human body at rest.

3. Sound - The vibration of sound keeps energy moving. This can be achieved with chimes, water features, music or noise machines with nature sounds.

4. Stability Objects - Objects that are heavy such as statues, pillars, rocks or mountain images all provide a stabilizing element. These bode especially well in staircases or center of structure.

5. Life Force - Besides human energy, pets, fish plants and flowers are wonderful energy boosters.

6. Movement Objects - These tend to circulate energy throughout the environment keeping things fresh. Some examples are flags, wind socks, chimes, mobiles and water features.

7. Color - This is a playful way to kick the energy up in any environment. For a fresh and healthy look and feel make sure you use organic or no VOC paints. Be mindful of the room purpose, its direction and the color choices you make.

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Mary Jane Kasliner


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