Inverted Poses!

Inverted poses reverse the effects of gravity, revitalizing the entire system. However, they also require a level of trust. It took me over a year before I developed a secure inversion practice with headstand pose. I'm still working on my handstands without the security of a wall behind me. It's all about trust when it comes to your inversion practice. The following are some tips for your headstand practice:

  • Start on your knees with your forearms on the floor
  • Tightly interlace your fingers with emphasis on the index and middle fingers
  • Form a cup shape with your hands
  • Firmly press the pinky sides of your hands into the floor  and anchor your forearms down
  • Make sure the back of your head touches your hands at the heel of your hands
  • Walk your knees a few inches behind your hips and lengthen the sides of your body from waist to shoulders
  • Exhale and melt the heart towards the earth & place the crown of the head on the floor
  • Straighten your legs and walk your feet towards your head while positioning your hips directly over your shoulders
  • Engage your shoulder blades onto your back
  • Bend your knees and use the core to gently lift your feet off the floor
  • Hug your legs together and lift your knees up over your shoulders & lengthen the tailbone to the ceiling
  • Distribute your weight between your head and forearms pressing your head into the earth but avoid compressing the neck
  • Extend your legs straight up over your torso & hug thighs to midline
  • Flex your feet  and spread your toes towards the floor


Mary Jane Kasliner


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