Friday, February 13, 2015

My Journey Through The Chakras

My Journey Through The Chakras

The chakras are a doorway into divine source and knowing we are that source. We all have the key to chakra doors, it is just a matter of unlocking them and stepping through. When we walk through the door there is an unending path that takes on on a journey. Along the way we realize everything is a continuum – many microcosms to the greater macrocosm. We see this through the constant ebb and flow of energy since the dawn of time. The Taoist philosophy reveals out of the wuji, or the great void is born the tai chi – one yang bit and one yin bit. These two interdependent polarities drive the forces of the Universe (macrocosm) and the forces of the human body (microcosm). These interdependent forces follow the rules of binary math – whereby 1 representing yang or God source creates all things out of nothing (0) or yin.
The crown chakra is all knowing – all potential from heavenly father. It is the natural electricity from the stars that act as one half of the electromagnetic field that binds all atoms for life to ensue. It is the manifestation (Sheva) into being of the earthly realm (Root - Shakti). It is the material aspects – the yin force or Mother Earth. It is through the magnetism from Her spinning on a rotational axis (can be likened to the spine with rotating ida and pingala), that forms the other half of the electromagnetic field equation essential for life to exist. That which is above (Father – God Source – Yang ) is received below ( Mother – Matter – Yin). Mother is receptive to what is thrusted upon her. Likewise, She releases energy upwards back to Father source and the cosmos. One cannot exist without the other (Sheva and Shakti).
The root chakra is our physical body experience of our spiritual essence. It must learn how to become spirit again through the chakra journey. Innately we know the way and when we take the path all aligns - a child-like connection to divine source. We welcome the dance of life with open arms and connect with the movement of all things in the universe. We become one transforming our relations with self and others - the inner warrior shines brightly like the sun. Love streams out in all directions and we realize nothing is more powerful than love. We ask and we receive with grace - things simply manifest. We intuitively know our essence and the essence of all beings. This is the gift of God-source and a reawakening of coming home.
Mary Jane

Monday, February 9, 2015

Let Go and Manifest Your Blessings

Let Go and Manifest Your Blessings

How many books have your read on manifesting your desires? And how many vision boards have you made? Did you ever wonder why the results weren't exactly what you thought they would be? It's not to say the books, articles, DVD's or vision boards aren't helpful but the problem is they are mostly man driven. What I mean by that is we become entangled with the thought of fulfilling that desire - what it looks like, feels like and how happy we will be to attain it. There is a tendency to rely more on the arm of man rather than the arm of God.

Letting Go:

In order to change the dynamic, it requires us to let go and let God. It is a profound phrase that urges us to trust in higher self - the divine source we all have access to. This is easier said than done and why so many who try to manifest desires in life fail. The key step is to let of the ego mind and embrace the soulful mind. 

There is a connection between the third chakra point (Manipura) and the crown chakra (Sahasrara). When these two points move in harmony there is a release - a letting go of trying to control everything and everyone. When we are able to allow the physical nature of our ego to transcend and know it is perfectly safe to do so, we capture divine guidance and power to allow all things to flow into our life with ease. This is where true manifesting lies. Sure, a vision board is all well and good but it shouldn't be the only focus that you rely upon. Combine it with trust in God- source and you have the combination to unlock your desires - of course if your desires are for your highest good and the good of others.

How To Open The Pathway:

There are a few ways to create a pathway of energy to letting go and letting in God source. Below are a few simple steps.
  • Sit in a comfortable meditation position. Make sure you use a pillow or meditation cushion so you are in connection with the physical body.
  • Begin to focus your energy on the breath and allow any thoughts or emotions to release through the pelvic floor right into the pillow and the earth.
  • Bring your attention to the center of your body.
  • Continue this pattern until you feel as those your body is lifting above you as if you can look down onto the earth itself.
  • Just allow yourself to float in a space of pure light.
  • Remain in this meditation as long as you like.

Chanting Meditation:

Another simple meditation is to chant the sound of the 3rd and 7th chakra repeatedly. The sounds are Ram (sounds like Rum) and Om respectively. Keep alternating those sounds mantras. Make sure you infuse the environment around you with the scent of lemon oil during the process.

For more information on the chakras be sure to visit my teacher's site: 

Mary Jane

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