The Reincarnated Refrigerator

The arrival of the new refrigerator - or is it the reincarnation of the old? You let me know what you think.

Yesterday the call came in - the drop off would be between 10 AM & 2 PM. Just my luck, I had a feng shui consultation at exactly that time frame. I left my husband in charge for the new arrival. Thoughts danced in my head of the shiny new refrigerator sitting back in its' proper home - THE KITCHEN! I couldn't wait to get back home and walk into my living room, that would be so much bigger, then take the walk into my kitchen where I would find my new bundle of joy. I couldn't get the key in the front door fast enough. As I swung the door open I was shocked to find the loner still there. Okay, I took a breath and relaxed. I proceeded to make my way towards the kitchen and there it was, just as I imagined - gorgeous. Ah, a quiet stated elegance. Then it happened...the compressor kick on and the ringing sound began. This couldn't be, I thought to myself. I take breath number two, only this breath I initiate from deep in the belly. The compressor turns off and silence pours over my body like a warm soothing bath. Ah.

I run to find my husband to get the details on the deliver of our new addition and why the loner is still resting comfortable in my living room. Evidently there was a mix up about taking out the loner with the deliver of the new refrigerator. Of course my husband has no problem with this arrangement. If it were up to him he would just have them pick up the loner some time in 2011 after football season. Now the big question comes - I asked my husband if he notices the ringing sound from our new bundle of joy when the compressor kicks on. Are you ready for this one? Sure, but it doesn't bother me. Okay, here came breath number three, but this one was only coming from my chest, as I knew we were going to be the proud parents of yet another singing refrigerator.

The first thought that came to mind - this was the same refrigerator with a good polish job. The second thought goes a bit deeper. It is a reincarnate. Hmm. What are my choices here? Go through the entire process all over again - NOT! Thoughts race through my mind of how I can make this situation more pleasant. Then it hit me. We are in need of a new dishwasher. I'm going to find one with a baritone sound and between the two appliances we will have an appliance orchestra. Front row seats and music to our ears whenever we choose. The reality is not even my yoga today helped this situation. Instead, I went out to the field and knocked the day lights out of a few golf balls. I feel so much better now!

Stay tuned for my next blog - The Mystery Hot Chocolate. Until then, breathe, relax, and LET GO!


  1. This one cracked me up -- love the image of the appliance orchestra in our kitchen. priceless. only in our house...

    great work!


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