Monday, December 17, 2018


Having Fun Beatles Ashram Rishikesh, India

English Poet, Algernon Charles Swinburne in his poem "Laughter," compares the  most beautiful natural sounds of our world to the sound of a child's laughter, and concluded they may be half as sweet. 

This is actually a perfect time of the year to cultivate the habit of laughter.  Energetically, the element of water will peak on the winter solstice. This element is associated with the second chakra (Svadhistana), that corresponds with your inner child. You can naturally let yourself be a little crazy, it lightens up your life. And if people ask what you're on, tell them, "I'm on endorphins!"

The winter solstice celebrates the power of spirit, simple joys, faith, vision, and patience. As the earth pulls in, so too should you. Listen, laugh, play and rest. Spend time observing children interacting with one another. You'll notice how frequently they laugh as they play. You'll also notice they take  naps and rest so they can renew their energy. In contrast, adults tend to be serious, rush frantically around, stressing ourselves with activity when we really need to lighten up and get some rest.

This time of year try to make a conscious effort to invite as many fun things that will provoke laughter as you can into your life. Go to a concert, comedy club, or play some games. All these kinds of activities will help you rekindle the healing effect of laughter in your life. Take time to rest too. Nature teaches us that resting, drawing inward for a time, is present in all living things. Rest is necessary for growth to come later in the season.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

My MInd To Me a Kingdom Is

Rishikesh, India

My Mind To Me a Kingdom Is, was written by Sir Edward Dyer, a sixteenth-century poet. The poem is about the potency of the mind. The poet describes the comfort of detaching from everything, including your body , and being in the kingdom of a quiet mind. Think about it for a moment the power of your mind. You can't see it or touch it, yet it is always with you, guiding and directing everything about your life. This is your kingdom, and you can use in any situation. It is your corner of freedom, a place that only you has control over. This is the power and wonder of the invisible mind. 

In Sir Dyer's poem there is a passage that refers to craving; "Yet still my mind forbids to crave." You and only you possess the power of choice. There is nothing outside you to blame for your cravings. Go inside the invisible mind, this powerful kingdom within yourself and ask your mind to serve the highest good for all concerned.

The need to acquire more in life and seek the approval of others is not imposed on us but rather a choice we decide to make. The poet tells the reader there are many who have more than they need and yet crave more: "They are poor, though much they have, and I am rich with little store." He goes on to say how those who seek more, although they have plenty live in agony, never seeming to be satisfied; "They lack, I leave; they pine, I live."

Your mind is your kingdom willing to give you a lifetime of peace. You have the choice to change your mind and create a life giving rather than a life of lacking. We all have the freedom to choose peace. When fear creeps in, it is coming from the outside, not from the kingdom of your mind. It is how you choose to use the information in your mind that determines your life.

The poem tells you to stop placing so much emphasis on your desires, the endless game of measuring up to the outside worldly demands and to turn inward instead. Your mind controls all of your experiences in life, including your health. Change your thoughts and change your life.

Simple Practices:

You can practice mind control by choosing to change your thoughts. For example, if you find yourself reacting in a negative way, catch yourself and try a new way of thinking.

  • Spend some time in daily meditation and experience the kingdom of your mind. Don't worry about thoughts floating in and out, the mind will do that. Just simply acknowledge it and move towards the rhythm of your breath.
  • Remind yourself that nothing outside of you can disturb your peace. Only you have controlover your mind. Choose to use your mind as your kingdom.
  • Keep this last passage of the poem in a place you can read it often: "Thus do I live; thus will I die: would all did so well as I."

You are the king of your inner domain!


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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Golden Key

Fatehpur Sikri, India

Your spirit is the Golden Key to everything. Never be swayed from your true spirituality. It is beautiful, blessed, loving, and filled with all goodness.

Carry this key with you wherever you go, press it into your chest, and feel the beauty of its essence. It is truth, love, God and all that exists. Carry this golden key of knowledge with you, knowing you can reach the heights of spirituality anytime you wish. There are no certain times of the day when you can tap into this awesome energy. God is available anytime you wish. He resides not only in you but outside you.

Fatehpur Sikri, is the palace and spiritual center built by Moghul Emperor Akbar. It represents his view of peace through unifying the religions of India. The twin villages of Fetehpur and Sikri were established as a tribute to the famous Sufi saint, Sheikh Salim Chrishti. The saint accurately predicted the birth of Emperor Abkar's much longed for son.

The palace complex combines Islamic, Hindu and Christian architecture, reflective of the religions of Abkar's three wives. Throughout Abkar's life he was exposed to texts on philosophy, history, religion and science. As a result, he instituted a highly efficient bureaucracy appointing military governors over the various religions. The result was a unification of the people of India in his empire that would survive until 1868.

Although Abkar's family was Sunni, two of his childhood tutors were Persian Shias. As an Emperor, Abkar made the Sufi concept of Sulh - e- Kuhl, or "peace to all," a founding principle of his law. This was the golden key to his success.

No matter what your belief system, hold firm to your spirituality. This is the key to lasting peace!

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