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Beds and Borders in Your Garden

Louis Fusco - Landscape Architect Pound Ridge, NY
     Flowerbeds are an attractive feature in yards and gardens. The shape of flowerbeds has a tremendous impact on how energy moves. Generally speaking, the edges of beds and borders should follow gentle curves rather than straight lines. However, there is an exception to this rule.  Areas that are overly yin (shaded), can benefit from more chi (energy). A straight path will effectively encourage energy to flow faster in that direction. Homes that are positioned to the southwest do well with straight-line edges to flowerbeds since the chi wanes as the sun is in its descent. 
     A trellis, hedge, fence, shed or flowerbed can act as a border. Many times the back edge of the border will be straight and in need of softening. The best way to do this is to plant shrubs or bushy plants in varying heights. A line of fruit trees can also work to soften a rock wall border. The idea is to bring a balance between yin and yang factors for a parti…

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