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Fall Into The Moment Feet First

Shed the PastLast week during my yoga classes I discussed how the energy of yang water "Ren" began to shift to yin water "Gui." For the month of December, Ren or yang water, had us moving at a fast pace, digesting information in a holographic way and pulling resources from every which way. In nature, Ren is represented by water that is above the surface. It is what supports and maintains life.

Gui, or yin water lies beneath the earth. It's deep, slow, methodical and perseveres through the subtle changes that ultimately creates growth.  There is a process of shedding so new seeds can embed into the richness of the earth bed. Since we are the microcosm to the greater macrocosm, we are imbued with this same energy. The time is ripe for the shedding process to take place so the fertile regions of the mind and soul become spacious for transformation. For this process to take root a full release must occur. Ask your self what is hidden away and what kind…

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