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Seeds of Time - 2020

Seeds of a New Cycle of TimeNew beginnings and rebirth of time as the cycle of 12 starts with the architype of the Rat. In Chinese Astrology, the Rat is noted as the first animal based on a legend that whatever animal arrived first to meet the Jade Emperor would be awarded a place in the zodiac calendar.  The first to set out were best friends, the rat and the cat. Both were scared they would drown in the fast-flowing river if they tried to cross it. They appealed to the ox to let them ride on his back to cross the river. During the crossing, the rat was concerned the cat would outrun him to the finish line and in a devious act pushed the cat off the back of the ox into the water.  As the ox reached the other side, the rat sat atop its head and leaped off the top to the finish line and arrived first. Even though the ox had done all the work, the Buddha admired the rat for his craftiness and awarded him first place on the calendar.

The rat is known in the East for being r…

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