Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Astrology Forecast for February 2017

Earth Tiger Month!

February is the Yang Earth Tiger month. To find out more about the energy for February and the energy for the Yin Fire Rooster year click here!

Mary Jane Kasliner



Monday, January 30, 2017

Does Judgment Serve Us?

Photo - Martha Geiger - De Maio

Throughout each day we make judgments; what to wear, what to eat, with whom we wish to engage with. We make decisions and judgments at our jobs and in every aspect of our personal life. This behavior can sometimes turn into negativity and criticism. While it is healthy and natural to make basic judgments, it is not healthy to create a pattern of critiquing others. We can be selective and say no to others without condemning or labeling. Today, watch for moments when your healthy personal judgments begin to shift into criticism. Simply remind yourself that such critical thoughts can be unnecessary. Choose to shift your attention to what you would like to dwell on rather than what you don't.

The aforementioned is a great intention for your yoga or meditation practice for today!


Mary Jane Kasliner


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pranamayakosha - Subtle/Breath Body

Arizona Airport - Breathing to Relax

Yesterday I talked about the first sheath or the physical body. Today, let's talk about the second layer or the breath body. This is the most important aspect of our yoga practice - the breath. The subtle body or the breath body is comprised of the following aspects:

  • The electromagnetic field of the body - the etheric body extends approximately 2.5 inches from the physical body.
  • It is the link between the energetic and physical levels of being.
  • It is considered the vitality of life, prana, chi and organizes the body parts and provides movement for mental and physical expression.
  • Herbs can rejuvenate the breath body.
  • Prana (breath body) permeates the entire universe as impulse, pulsation of the atom. THe original wave of energy.
  • There are 5 major pranas (vayus) that circulate within the body and perform different energy functions. More on that topic another day.
The importance of working the breath body speaks for itself. When practicing yoga remember the journey begins with the breath. The natural flow of prana is what will catapult the physical body, not the opposite.


Mary Jane Kasliner


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Anamayakosha - The Physcial Layer

Olympic National Park
Rainy and cold but that didn't stop me!

I was surely feeling my physical body while hiking in Olympic National Park several years ago. So what exactly is that layer or Kosha all about? First off, the Koshas represent a more refined dimension of consciousness. The anamayakosha is specially referred to as the physical or food body.The following list covers the attributes to this sheath:

  • Gross - physical body
  • Skin, flesh and bones
  • Nourishment or food
  • Healthy diet and lifestyle choices to balance one's constitution
  • Movements based on the physical body such as asanas, pilates, fitness training and massage
  • Material of creation, gross manifestation of matter in different strengths and qualities
Today, tap into the sensations of your body - the anamaykosha. This will not only keep you in the present moment but bring awareness to the earthly plane or physical matter.

Mary Jane Kasliner


Monday, January 23, 2017

Building Heat!

Olympic National Park

When you are looking to make change in your life consider relying on your yoga practice. When you can meet resistance with mindfulness you are able to move forward and make changes in your life. Here is a series from Yoga Journal that I found to be very inspiring.

  • Utkatasana - chair pose. Hold this pose for a minimum of 10 breaths to eventually trying to hold this pose up to 5 minutes.
  • Plank pose - Staying strong in this pose for up to 3 minutes.
  • Warrior 2 - Engage the lower bandhas as you aim to hold this pose for at least 1 minute.
  • Paschimottanasana - focus on moving slowly as you deepen the pose.
  • Supported Headstand - wait for the internal dialog and sit with it. Hold up to 3 minutes.
  • Virasana - hero pose - stay erect in this pose with arms over head and fingers interlaced. Stay for 3 - 5 minutes.
  • Hanumansana - Try to stay for 20 breaths and avid gripping. Allow yourself to ease into the release.
  • Wheel Pose - If this pose is not available to you then enter bridge pose instead. Take at lease 20 breaths before releasing to the earth.
  • Corpse Pose - release into the earth and let go of all resistance for at least 5 minutes.
  • Siddhasana - Remain physically still and simply follow the breath. Stay as long as you can until quietude transcends you.

Mary Jane Kasliner


Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day - Yin Fire Sheep Plus President Trump Birth Chart!

Today, Donald J. Trump will be swore into office as the 45th President of this great nation. Let's take a look at the energy for today (Yin Fire Sheep). In addition, for all those who may not have seen my analysis of President Elect Trump's birth chart, I have included the link below.

January 20, 2017: Yin Fire Sheep Day

The Sheep is the eighth sign of the lunar cycle.

I am nature's special child.
I trust and am rewarded by trust.
Fortune smiles upon my countenance.
All things blossom
in the gentleness of my love.
I strive to find beauty in all I behold.
I am fair of face
and full of grace.

I AM THE SHEEP   - The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes - Theodora Lau

*Just to note President Elect Trump has the sign of the Sheep in his Day pillar - or inner constitution of self.

Fire Sheep Energy for Today:

The fire-sheep is sure footed and very courageous about following intuition and taking the initiative in work. Creativity is strong along with the ability to highlight strong points and play down weaknesses. The fire sheep has the ability to produce peaceful situations and overall pleasant outcome.

The sheep energy has the knack of turning every weakness into strength. There is an underlying ability to get what is needed by insinuation and subtle hints. The sheep archetype energy is a master of the soft-sell technique and should never be underestimated.

The fire stem fuels the earth sheep today, or heaven nourishing earth. This is a balanced cycle of the elements with parent or leader (fire stem) giving to child or the people of this nation. This can be draining for parent or leader. As luck would have it, there is a hidden wood and fire stem located in the sheep branch to help fuel and assist the energy of fire. Furthermore, as President Elect Trump has an earth stem in his day pillar, the fire stem of today fuels his energy while the sheep branch today assists his sheep branch in his chart. To go a step further, the sheep branch today is part of President Elect Trump's Triangle of Affinity to his day sheep branch (Sheep to Sheep). This affinity does bring forth diplomatic and compassionate energy that is dependent on others for stimulation and leadership. This affinity extols the virtues of peaceful co-existence with their fellow man.

The hidden elements within the sheep of wood, fire and earth build a strong cycle of energy whereby wood represents growth, vitality and momentum for goal achievement; fire with a take charge energy to lead, and earth representing the great transformer.

God Bless America!

Mary Jane Kasliner


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Building a Strong Back the Yoga Way!

Everything you do depends on the strength and flexibility of your spine. In order to move through a wide range of motion on a daily basis your spine needs to be strong and flexible. Here are a few yoga poses that will do just that:

  • Seated Spinal Twists
  • Windshield Wiper Twists
  • Plank Pose
  • Down Dog
  • High Lunge
  • Plank Pose with a Twist
  • Goddess Pose with a Twist
  • Wide-Legged Standing Forward Bend
  • Pyramid Pose
  • Twisting Triangle
  • Happy Baby Pose
  • Reclining Spinal Twist
  • Corpse Pose
Practicing anyone of these poses or string them in a sequence and you'll find it to be beneficial. Make sure you breathe deeply while performing each pose especially those that include twisting motion.

Here's to a strong and flexible spine!

Mary Jane Kasliner


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trust Yourself in Heron Pose!

Heron pose can seem a bit daunting when you see the final pose. However, it's all about the journey and trusting your instincts.

  • Sit with your legs extended and bend your left leg back and rest your ankle by the side of your hip. Press your hands into the floor and root your sits bone down as you lengthen your spine.

  • Bend your right knee and hold your with foot with both hands. Think to draw your lower back in an up.

  • Exhale and straighten your right leg up. Draw from your hands back through your arms to your shoulders. Bring your shoulder blades onto your back.

  • Maintain the position of the pose for a few breaths. Continue to press your right thigh away from your belly, exhale and draw your right shin in toward your body while moving your torso and head forward. Release the pose and repeat on the opposite side.

Heron pose is great for strengthening the shoulders, improve live and kidney function and calm the mind.

Trust yourself as you move into Heron pose!

Mary Jane Kasliner


Monday, January 16, 2017

2017 Fire Rooster & 1 Water Star Forecast by Mary Jane Kasliner

Birth Chart for the Fire Rooster: 2017

Year: -Fire Rooster (-Metal)

Month: +Water Tiger +Wood, +Fire, +Earth) 

Day: + Water Dog (+Earth, -Metal, -Fire)

Hour: Yin Wood Snake (+Fire, +Earth, +Metal)


On February 4th, 2017 at 10:34 AM Eastern Standard Time, the Yin Fire Rooster makes an entrance.

The Rooster is the sign of awakening, dawn, new beginnings, success, righteousness and justice. These are wonderful attributes that are available to all who are willing to put in the work and patience to experience the benefits of the Rooster.

Rooster Characteristics:

The Rooster is considered the 10th sign in the Chinese Zodiac that awakens in the evening hours between 5-7pm. Therefore, in the year of the Rooster, there is a tendency to be productive during those hours. Albeit the Rooster can be rather outspoken, there is a tremendous capacity to sort through problems and solve issues that otherwise may seem daunting outside the Rooster year.

Opportunities are easily spotted by the Rooster who has a way of turning any venture into financial success. This bodes exceptionally well as the element of metal (quality of the rooster), flows beautifully with the 1-water star that enters in 2017. This star activates career, long terms goals and one's overall life path. Therefore, in 2017 the combination of the Metal Rooster and 1- Water Kan Star will provide the needed qualities of organization, mental acuity, intuition, confidence, communication, perseverance, courage and flexibility; all powerful attributes when it comes to assessing long terms goals and career.

Make sure you dream big this year as the Rooster loves to reach for the stars but also wants to please others, especially when it comes to friends and family. The Rooster also has a tendency to be overly critical. Bare that in mind this year so you don't take it to heart. It is best to simply go with the flow and leave judgmental behavior in the dust.

Breaking Down The Birth Chart (2017):

Let's begin with the year pillar - Yin Fire Stem and Yin Metal Branch:

The fire stem will be most active from Feb. 4th through July 6th. The fire element is stage 1 or most timely. This bodes exceptionally well when it comes to success. However, since this element is birthing, it also means it needs care. Therefore, to realize success this year, it is important to pay attention to detail and monitor things with a close eye.

The element of fire is the most powerful of the 5 elements in this system and can pack a powerful punch. However, as the pole has shifted from 2016 (yang fire) to 2017 (yin fire), it is less dramatic. Think of a fire slowly burning out reaching the smoldering stage, the flame is smaller but that doesn't necessarily mean it can't ignite. If we think in terms of destructive levels of fire, yin fire is associated more so with nuclear energy; therefore, nuclear warfare is more of a threat this year or nuclear plants having a potential defect. In terms of the health, yin fire is associated with the cardiovascular system so variations in blood pressure, heart disease or strokes are possible. Since the rooster is associated with the element of metal, then the lungs are more vulnerable this year too. Be mindful of chest colds that can gravitate into the flu or pneumonia. The rooster is also associated with the direction of west or the location of teeth and skin in feng shui analysis. Since fire is melting metal  (Fire Rooster), these body parts are more vulnerable. Skin rashes or dental issues may sneak up on you as a result.

The fire element is also the element that points to happiness, joy and success. It is about getting out there and being in the public eye, traveling, marketing and being a visionary. However, as the fire element is in its yin polarity, there is a waning of energy for the aforementioned qualities. It would be best to do your major marketing and PR work in the first half of this year as the energy will surely wane in the second half of 2017. This holds true for Hollywood industry. We should see new celebrities in entertainment and music rise in the first half of the year, but things drop off in the second half of 2017.

In terms of finances, the beginning of 2017 bodes exceptionally well for primary wealth. This means a few things. First, examine your financial portfolio and reap the benefits of selling off stock or other options. Secondly, keep your eyes open for new opportunities that can boost career level or direction. Finally, real estate options or inheritance is a possibility during the first half of 2017.

In terms of society/government, primary wealth (Yin Fire) bodes well for long term organization and planning for future success. This will create a steady flow of resources (seen by the Rooster) influence. The primary resources (Yin Metal Rooster) indicates support in all areas are available. Relationships are easily defined and reliable. Goals are easily reached and obstacle are overcome. However, when we combine the fire over metal, there is tension that exists. Therefore, we may see more demonstrations this year along with migration due to war. It is extremely important for world leaders to think things through before acting. Strategic planning is essential for stable decision-making. It is imperative those in charge remain grounded and methodical when leading otherwise tensions will escalate creating a great deal of mental pressure for everyone.

The Fire Rooster full combination is similar to a shooting star. With fire moving to the Rooster, it creates a highly motivated and authoritative energy. Operating independently this year is not out of the question. Success oriented is the theme along with managerial or leadership positions. It will not matter what others are saying this year, as the Fire Rooster can withstand any negative talk. Close scrutiny is another aspect of the Fire Rooster. If others are not pulling their load it will not be tolerated. Overall, the Fire Rooster does have noble intentions.

Month Pillar - Yang Water Tiger:

Looking to this pillar we can get a feel for how business and family will fare over 2017. The water stem fuels the Tiger branch meaning heaven nourishes earth. This translates as employers or head of family can be generous but the result is financial strain.  This is very likely as the water stem is decaying or stage 7.

The element of water offers an array of qualities including communications, flexibility, intuition and the ability to unify people. This bodes well in business and family but as the water stem is in stage 7, these attributes are more difficult to come by. Therefore, you may find you need to work harder at communicating with colleagues and family members this year.

The Tiger energy being fueled by the water stem brings in a great deal of fearless energy but also impulsiveness. When it comes to family and work there is constant action and the potential of hasty decision making. As for advice, whether on  the job or at home, it is not very likely it will be followed.

The Water Tiger combination does offer an open-minded perspective especially when it comes to new ideas and experiences. The good thing about this combination is it offers objectivity when it comes to family and business associates as well as the nation at large. There is a perceptive quality about the Water Tiger that has an uncanny way to judge character. This combination is also fabulous when it comes to making deals. No such thing as procrastination when it comes to the Water Tiger. So look out world, here we come!

The qualities the Tiger specifically brings are proper expression, dynamic wealth and aggressive power. When it comes to business, it is up to you to express your achievements in order to influence others. Take a creative approach and watch how success follows. This will either open the door to unexpected work or short term work. Either way, it will be important to save money as spending is enjoyed or the bills might be piling up. You'll also find a tendency for controlling behavior either on the job or at home. It is always best to take two steps back and go with the flow to avoid stress. Obviously we can extend the aforementioned attributes to this country. In other words, it is important the U.S. shows its strength through past accolades.  This country must rely on historical successes to prove to the world we have what it takes to create anything and be successful at it.

Day Pillar - Yang Water Dog:

The water stem in this pillar mirrors the water stem in the month pillar. In other words, it offers the same attributes of communications, flexibility, intuition and the ability to unify people, but this time when it comes to close relationships and your significant other. The water stem in this pillar is also in a decaying stage-7, so the aforementioned attributes can suffer. What does this mean? We all need to  be  mindful when it comes to communicating with those closest to us.

In this pillar, the Dog earth branch is controlling the water stem . This indicates suppressed emotions and that is bad for health and perpetuates stress. It is extremely important to infuse the qualities of metal when it comes to alleviating self inflicted pressure. Clarity of thought, organization  trusting your intuition, and managing your life effectively are all metal qualities. This is so important as one of the attributes of the Dog is aggressive power. Once again a controlling type of energy that creates stress. The Dog also brings to this chart primary resources and wealth. Therefore, look no further than your inner circle to provide support and wealth. This holds true for this country. We must look to our allies for support and the building of our wealth. We can not afford to dismiss them any longer.

The combination of the Water Dog takes on a highly intuitive energy. Therefore, when it comes to those closest to us, and to this nation, we must rely on our gut. There is a tremendous introspective quality with the Water Dog. It behooves us to reflect on what is important personally and as a nation. In addition, the Water Dog can be overly liberal and lack structure. It will be vitally important this year to take a firm approach whether at home or in the world.

Hour Pillar - Yin Wood Snake:

The yin wood stem represents powerful expression in this chart. In 2017 there is an underlying urge to influence others with past accomplishments. This holds true for this country as well. There will be plenty of assistance to achieve this year especially when past successes are relied upon. The wood stem is stage 4 or upwardly mobile, making expression or skills easily recognized.

The Snake branch represents a few different aspects in this chart. First, it represents dynamic wealth or the ability for this country and those residing in it to easily obtain money. Albeit this bodes well, there is a tendency for earned money to easily transfer hands. Luckily, the Snake is financially savvy to help balance this seesaw financial situation.  Secondly, the Snake branch represents aggressive power. Therefore, there is an inner pressure to control situations and circumstances before the time may be ripe. This creates tension whether personally or globally. Finally, the Snake represents inconsistent resources. In general, resources may not be reliable. However, there are still indications for support if leadership is managed from a stable perspective. With the wood stem fueling the Fire Snake branch, the result is strong roots nourished by heaven. Once again, it is beneficial the Snake knows its way around finances, as whenever a heavenly stem fuels the branch the result is financial disharmony.

The combination of the wood stem to the Fire Snake has an uncanny ability to understand what will prevail in the course of events. Emotional and financial stability is at the core of this combination and at the core of what the world needs. This combination attracts all the right people at the right time to achieve what is desired. This is especially true for this new administration. Trump will look to bring in the right people in order to launch large scale success while solving everyday problems. He will look for, and crave admiration for his works by way of public approval.

2 Semi Earthly Trines:

The first semi-earthly trine is between the Tiger month branch to the Dog day branch. The result is additional fire launched into the chart. As the polarity is yang fire, it represents dynamic wealth. Again, 2017 is a year where money may be made easily but can exchange hands just as easily. Therefore, it is important this year to practice financial restraint. The first half of 2017 is best to invest, look for opportunities, and potentially sell off stocks for profit. The second half of the year look to purchase on the low end and hold for long term growth options.

The second semi-earthly trine is between the Snake hour branch to the year Rooster branch. The result is metal or primary resources. This bodes especially for the country as support exists in all areas including relationships with our allies.

Semi-Directional Trine:

The Rooster year branch combines with the Dog day branch creating a semi directional trine of metal. Metal acts as a resource for this chart and bodes well. However, it is important to recognize who actually is a resource to us this year and work with them productively, as there are plenty of other people who will look to undermine efforts. This holds true on a global level.

5 Melodic:

The Fire Rooster year elicits additional fire into the chart or wealth. Once again, wealth is a marker this year but needs care. The first half of the year is the better time to reap fast rewards while the second half of 2017 will require patience to build wealth.

Karmic Lessons for 2017:

The Dragon & Snake are the empty branches for this chart. Therefore in 2017 the following lessons need attention:

  • Humility
  • Sensitivity towards others
  • Temperance of ambitions
  • Trust
  • Forgiveness of betrayal
As the Snake is present in the hour branch and void, then power is difficult to obtain, albeit status may be achieved. The aforementioned qualities are true on a microcosm (USA), and macrocosm level (Globally).

Heavenly Noble:

The yang water day stem creates a heavenly noble with the hour Snake branch. Therefore, those who are in a position to lead can promote awareness and raise large sums of money for good cause. This energy is already in motion with President Elect Trump. The news media just reported all the profits from Trump properties overseas will be donated to the US treasury while he is president. Furthermore, his focus on job creation has produced early results even before taking office.

Elegant Cover:

The day Dog branch forms a elegant cover this year. Therefore, taking a philosophical and creative approach to any project this year bodes well.

General Star:

The Rooster year branch forms a general star or indication for good political career for those seeking office or in office.

Health Vulnerabilities:

This section is a crossover between the Fire Rooster chart and flying star chart with 1 Kan water in the center of the lo shu grid.

The empty branches of the Snake and Dragon leave the following body systems somewhat vulnerable this year:

  • Teeth
  • Shoulders/Chest
The flying stars leave the following body systems vulnerable:

  • Shoulders
  • Teeth
  • Feet
  • Stomach
  • Chest/respiratory
  • Hips
Common points increase the chances of vulnerability:

  • Teeth
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
*Note: Chest covers the cardiac system as well as the lungs. The yin fire stem leaves the cardiac system vulnerable including blood pressure, stroke and upper respiratory challenges.

Compatibility for the Rooster:

The Rooster is part of the second triangle of affinity made up of the Ox, Snake and Rooster. These signs are all dutiful and strive with unwavering determination to reach their goals. These are the most intellectual signs of the cycle who are slow and steady with their movements, and prefer to work and act independently. 2017 should bode exceptionally well for these signs as they have the highest affinity to the Rooster.

Conflict for the Rooster:

Those born under the sign of the Rabbit will be likely to have conflicts with the Rooster. In the circle of conflict, the Rooster and the Rabbit are on opposite sides, 180 degrees apart. The Rooster's direction is west while the Rabbit's is east. The Rooster is metal fixed and destructive to the fixed element of the Rabbit, wood. There will be different opinions and outlooks between the energy of the Rooster and that of the Rabbit.

The Remaining 9 Signs:

The remaining 9 signs are compatible with the Rooster to varying degrees. Here how it shakes out:

Rat: It is likely communication will be challenging for the Rat this year. Patience will be tested and a constant picky and petty energy will take hold. This will make it very difficult for the Rat to create anything lasting especially when it comes to relationships. It is best for the Rat to stick with what works and with those they feel compatible with.

Tiger: There is an underlying attraction between the Tiger and the Rooster in a way that can be volatile. They both enjoy heated debates and will not back down until they get their point across. There is strong competition between these two archetypes. The Tiger can't stand how the rooster blows things out of proportion. Patience is key for the Tiger this year!

Dragon: These two find an attraction towards each other but for different reasons. The Dragon is interested in how the Rooster is so exacting and competent while the Rooster is attracted to the Dragon's enthusiasm. The key for the Dragon this year is to tame their ego and keep an open mind.

Horse: The Horse and the Rooster both like adventure and this is where the attraction comes in. However, the way these two handle challenges is a another story. This year the Rooster moves towards detailed research and acquiring lots of information when delving into something new. The Horse would rather wing it. Guess what Horses; you need to roll up your sleeves and put in the time and research if you want things to go your way this year.

Sheep: This is a vulnerable relationship at best. The Rooster wants rules and the Sheep doesn't like the constraints of rules. The key for the Sheep this year is to set measurable guidelines that are workable but not smothering. Furthermore, it is important the Sheep place themselves in situations where compliments are readily available. This means you need to do your due diligence and all will work out.

Monkey: The Monkey is easily bored with short attention spans. This doesn't bode well in the year of the Rooster when attention to detail is required. The best way for the Monkey to manage in the year of the Rooster is to set up short tasks just long enough to hold their attention, yet finish the job. If that means to break down a job into several small jobs, then so be it.

Rooster: This year bodes well for the Rooster as long as they manage important decisions or business dealings with the opposite sex. Male Roosters like to have all the attention and not willing to share it. It's not to say they will not work things through, but not without an all out battle.

Dog: This year can be a bit worrisome for the Dog. It is difficult for the Dog to understand the Rooster's propensity for being controversial. The key for the Dog this year is also patience. As long as you stick with things that are legitimate, and you trust your intuition, all will be well.  

Pig: No problem this year with the Rooster's energy, as you could care less. You'll hear what you want to hear and then make your own choices. The advantage point Pigs have this year is they are able to put up with the back ground noise the Rooster can create and just go with it.

*Note: Feel free to find your year animal on any online website for Chinese Astrology. Just plug in the year you were born and find out your animal!

Feng Shui Flying Star Interest:

There are a few points to make note of concerning the feng shui aspects for 2017. Here they are:

Beneficial Points:

East - Money! This is the money star location for 2017. This star invites activity, earth, fire and moving water. HOWEVER, I can't stress enough how a personal chart reading is essential on how to handle this star, as every home has a different chart configuration.

Southeast - Vision, goals, PR, assets and soul's mission. All a boost for this year and being fueled by the direction wood chi. More wood  or adding water is a plus but again interacting stars could change this dynamic based on your house chart. This star is excellent for working projects that will progress to financial success. It also indicates any real estate holdings or stocks can appreciate this year. Eldest daughter bodes very well in success this year but also can be drained by the fire 9 star. Adding water will help to support the xun daughter location and stave off draining fire. In addition, eldest daughter can become pregnant, as this star is a fueling light for pregnancy.

North - Fantastic luck for international business, mentors and influential males. Get your networking shoes on and hit the pavement with this star located in the career sector. Earth is a plus in this direction from a general chart reading perspective.

Center - Career advancement and life path direction. This is a power star in the center but loses energy to earth. Metal or moving water bodes well here but again based on a general reading and not your personal home aspects. If you are in the landscaping, real estate or gemology business you should see growth and transformation.

Tough Energy Spots:

South - This is the calamity star so we may see more fires and earthquakes in 2017 along with cardiac complaints or eye issues. Strong metal sound vibration is your best bet with this negative energy. Water will also bode well to ease the fire, especially if this direction is your kitchen or furnace room. In addition, try to keep this area quiet as the sector (south/fire), creates the nasty 5 earth chi along with the fire stem energy for 2017.

Southwest - There is a cutting energy here for female. Gossip can result in lost position at work. Problems with mouth and skin can also occur along with robbery via online activity. Since this star is extremely cutting you can have a cutting injury or be bitten by an animal. Virtual water is a nice remedy from a generalized approach, not personal.

West - Anger, legal issue and overall confrontations. Watch feet as well due to metal direction cutting wood or feet. Look over any contracts this year with a keen eye, as this star can stir up legal action. Virtual water and fire bodes well for a general analysis.

Northwest - Trouble visits this portent with annoying setbacks financially and health challenges that can leave you feeling drained. The metal direction luckily drains this negative star. Adding more metal helps to offset this annoying energy.

*Note: Literature and writing is strong in the northeast this year and requires meditation to reach your literary goals. Add fire to connect the energy of earth to the wood quality of literature!

Grand Duke & 3 Killings Positions 2017:

In 2017 the Fire Rooster presents with the Grand Duke Jupiter or Tai Sui in the direction of West (specifically the 2nd mountain or between the degrees of 262.5° - 277.5°).  It is important not to face or sleep with your head pointed to the west second mountain (262.5 – 277.5 degrees) for the year (2017). Furthermore, try not to disturb this area with renovations, construction or landscaping.

The 3 killings are represented by the trinity formed by the Rooster for 2017 and correspond to the Rooster – Snake – Ox. This represents a metal trine or the direction of West. Opposite of West is East, or where the 3 killings are represented. The exact degrees however do run a full 90 degrees or from 52.5 degrees NE (Tiger) – 127.5 degrees (Dragon) SE passing right through the Rabbit (East). That’s is because the three San Sha mountains associated with the three killings are the Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon. It is best not to renovate or upset this area (including the entire east section) in 2017.

 Physical Activities:
With the yin fire stem leading this year, it bodes well to practice earth activities such as:
  • Gardening
  • Meditation
  • Qigong
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
*Note: If yoga is your preference, as it is mine, move towards yin style practice this year. If you prefer vinyasa style classes, aim to participate in those moving at a slower pace with longer holds in poses. This bodes well with the smoldering fire stem (yin). You'll build plenty of heat holding your poses for a longer duration of time and ignite the fire (agni) within.
Remember, shoulders have a double hit this year so be mindful of your shoulders in all poses especially chaturanga!

Happy 2017!
Mary Jane Kasliner

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Poised for Flight: Eagle Pose!

In yoga mythology, Garuda is the name of the powerful god Vishnu's companion, whose job it is to defend Vishnu and carry him through the skies. Garuda is half-eagle and half-man with enormous wings and a golden crown. He is brave and steady even in the most challenging circumstances, and a powerful warrior. When you wrap your arm around arm and leg around leg to balance in Garudasana, you are invited to find Garuda's qualities in yourself. You can access your power!

Mary Jane Kasliner


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Manipura - Solar Chakra Flow!

The fire within, the warrior, the power of higher self resides in the solar plexus. Manipura is the teardrop of the heart where our true power exists. Poses like warrior 2 have a tremendous impact on how we can tap into that inner warrior. I know every time I move into warrior 2 I feel like an actual warrior, as though nothing can harm me and there is nothing I can't accomplish. Below is a simple flow that easily taps in to this powerful chakra.

  • Down Dog - to fire hydrant
  • Step right foot through to Low Lunge
  • Open to warrior 2
  • Transition to Goddess Pose with Garudasana arms
  • Transition back to warrior 2
  • Flow  through Chaturanga to Up Dog
  • Repeat opposite side
You can repeat this sequence up to 6 times per side. Finish the sequence in easy pose chanting the seed sound of manipura - Ram.

Mary Jane Kasliner


Monday, January 9, 2017

FIre Monkey Monday!

Happy Monday morning! Today there is a combination between the fire heavenly stem and metal earthly branch. Fire compresses metal causes it to melt; therefore expect enough mental pressures this morning that can fatigue the body. The way around and through this destructive cycle is to ground and stabilize. How? Make certain you break away from whatever you are doing and get quiet, breathe and focus inward. Even a 3 minute break of quietude is enough to calm the tension between fire and metal. It's also not a bad idea to keep a few stones in around your person today. Tourmaline is a great grounding stone. This may not be feasible for you so go for the breath control and that should do the trick.

Fire this morning is also about revisiting your goals and intentions for today and have a clear vision in the process. Do whatever it takes to have your voice heard in terms of what you can offer as an expertise in your field of work.

This afternoon the Monkey and all its attributes awaken. Be prepared to bounce from one project to another but try to maintain your focus and ground your energy. You may find your imagination running wild and not willing to listen to the advice of others. Not such a great idea! Expect others to come to you to solve a problem.

Mary Jane Kasliner



I love this picture of my daughter in siddhasana pose. This is a pose that is perfect to take any time and especially after savasana. It is best if your knees are slightly lower than your hips for good alignment. For some, a blanket or cushion to sit on bodes well.

Move to gently place your hands either on your thighs, palms facing down or take your hands in prayer position over heart center. Allow your eyes to float to close and remain still for 20 minutes, if you can. Focus on your breath and leave everything else to the universe. Give yourself time to let the mind catch up to the stillness in your body and enjoy the peace that resides within.

Mary Jane Kasliner


Friday, January 6, 2017

Build The Essence of the Pose

Each asana in your yoga practice has so many components. For example, warrior 1, front knee bent at 90 degrees, hips square to front, extend arms over head and engage triceps by lengthening through your fingertips down into your shoulder sockets, extending from your pelvis through the crown of the head while lifting the front inner thigh to engage the leg fully. Of course let's not forget about the back outer edge of the foot should ground down as the tailbone roots down. Okay, that's a mouthful. With all this instruction let's not forget to simply let the pose evolve with the natural essence of your being so you can really experience this virtuous pose!

Mary Jane Kasliner


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Today's Pose: Halasana - Plough Pose

The serenity and power of nature always amaze me. Yoga, in my opinion, helps to open the mind and body so one can move with grace - be more in tune with nature. Today, let's honor our body with plough pose; halasana.

In Sanskrit, hala means "plough." From a lying position , the feet are brought over the head toward the ground, resembling a plough.

The benefits of this pose are similar to shoulder stand in that it calms the brain and provides extra supply of blood to the spine while stretching it, and therefore is therapeutic for back pain. This pose can also help relieve the symptoms of menopause, stretches the shoulders and stimulates the abdominal organs and the thyroid gland. Plough is also fantastic for relieving stress and fatigue. While in this pose think about pushing out anything that no longer serves a purpose in your life, just as a plough pushes snow or dirt from the pathway.

Mary Jane Kasliner


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Begin in Stability!

We build a yoga pose from the ground up in the same way we build a house. First, we lay the foundation and then we construct the floors and walls and roof on top. Without a stable foundation, the structure will not be strong and enduring. Similarly, you need to construct anything in life in this manner, whether it is a friendship, new endeavor or creative project. When you begin anything new with a strong foundation or stability you create a solid base for your future. In feng shui, this represents the element of earth with its strong rectangular or square base that is impossible to tip over. The next time you embark on a new relationship, job or project, create a stable base from which to grow. Begin in stability!

Mary Jane Kasliner


January 2017 Forecast!

Metal Ox Month

January 2017 is the month of the Yin Metal Ox and the trigram 9 Li Fire. This is an interesting combination of energy forming a full sheng cycle of elements (fire - earth - metal). Expect great change this month but not without hard work, organized thought and mental acuity. Let's break down the energy components so you know exactly what to expect from a generalized point of view.

The Ox :

The Ox shoulders the plow and sturdily and uncomplainingly plows his own, sometimes rather lonely furrow through life.  You may feel you have little time for society this month because you will be forming firm bonds with home and family and honoring your private life.  You may not feel very adventurous this month and prefer staying at home and working in or close to home. Whatever you take on this month you will do with great determination and defend what you think is right.

The Ox energy is calm and tranquil; however, if you feel that you have been let down it is likely others will get a sense of how you are feeling, and it may not be very pleasant. Furthermore, there is a tendency to feel down if things don't go the way you planned.
The Ox energy this month pushes us to think deeply and study hard for anything new we are trying to create. Anything new or trendy will not bode well this month. Stick to the tried and true instead.

Home is very important this month. Take time to organize your environment, let go of items that no longer serve you, and most of all take the time to create a private sanctuary. Family time is also important this month so make certain you carve out some quality time and be in the moment.

Because the Ox is known for its hard working, dedicated and dependable nature, success is likely this month in whatever goal (s) you take on. Don't hesitate and go for whatever opportunity awaits you.

Metal Stem:

Metal can manifest as a precious substance such as gold or as a destructive object such as a sword or ax.  The element of metal brings forth mental acuity, focus, passion, confidence, motivation, truth and intuition. These are all qualities that will shine this month.

The metal element is associated with the trigrams Dui and Qian. Therefore, there is a natural tendency for creative approach to your work this month. Asking for guidance and assistance from mentors is also important. Realize that others may come to you for guidance as well. If so, don't hesitate to take them under your wing and teach them what you know and have come to learn.

Spending time taking care of finances, networking and building opportunities is also a trend for this month. Again, realize that whatever you take on will require great effort, determination and focus.

Li Trigram - 9 Fire:

 Follow your bliss is the theme for 9 Li trigram this month. This trigram ignites passion in one's pursuits blazing a path that radiantly shines forth from within. The radiance creates enthusiasm for one's heart's desires to come forth. Being true to one's heart brings forth illumination, which evolves into integrity. You are the future and a beloved child of the universe. Answer the calling and go forth. 

When you discover yourself, blessing follow and the clarity of truth instructs you how to live in harmony. Living in harmony enables  you to utilize your talents  to uplift the world.  Using your talents makes the world a better place in which to dwell. It transforms the world and blesses others.

The element of fire is transforming. It burns away what is not essential. Symbolically, it is about living in perfect balance of one's inner truth and opens the door to enlightenment. Like the rising Phoenix, live your life with purpose, passion and clarity. Know what your soul's mission is and go out and live it!   
Ways to Enhance Fire 9 Li in Your Environment: South Portent is the Direction of Choice

  • Add strong wood element such wood furniture to south portent of your home or office
  • Fresh flowers, herbs or healthy plants bode well to fuel the fire of Li
  • Incorporate fire images such as people, animals, sunset, star or triangular shapes to the south portent
  • Post an image of your soul's mission or simply create a vision board and view it daily

Yoga Practice:

This month there is a combination of the elements (fire, earth and metal). Therefore, include the following poses in your practice if you can.

Grounding Poses:

Warrior 2
Easy Pose
Mountain Pose

Fire Building Poses:

Down Dog
Forward Fold
Warrior 3
Extended Side Angle
Twisted Side Angle
Chair Pose
Eagle Pose

Metal Poses:

Half Lotus
Supported Headstand
Tree Pose
Alternate Nostril Breathing

This Month...

Ground, Stay Focus and Be Enlightened! 

Mary Jane Kasliner



Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hanumanasana - Monkey God Pose!

“It was the greatest leap ever taken. The speed of Hanuman’s jump pulled blossoms and flowers into the air after him and they fell like little stars on the waving treetops. The animals on the beach had never seen such a thing; they cheered Hanuman, then the air burned from his passage, and red clouds flamed over the sky . . .” (Ramayana, retold by William Buck).

This pose then, in which the legs are split forward and back, mimics Hanuman’s famous leap from the southern tip of India to the island of Sri Lanka.

This is a wonderful pose to open the hips fully. From downward facing dog, step your right foot forward to a lunge, then lower your left knee to the floor . Flex your right foot and gradually slide your heel forward. Press your right thigh down and draw your outer right hip back . Start to straighten your leg . Extend your legs only as far as you can without pain. To modify place a block or blanket under your right thigh, near your hip and high enough so you can relax comfortable and raise your arms. Try to stay for 20 breaths. To release gently press back to down dog.

Mary Jane Kasliner


Monday, January 2, 2017

Map Your Own Journey!

Go on your own journey. Don't let others hold you back; don't hold them back. Pack your bags. Get out your map and go where your heart leads. Listen to the inner voice and learn form everyone you need along the way. Have the adventure of a lifetime!

Pose of the day!

Utkatasana - chair pose. Stand in mountain pose and inhale as you bend your knees and sit back, lifting your arms alongside your ears and gazing overhead between your thumbs. Reach through your fingertips and lift your chest. Lengthen your tailbone toward the floor and build heat. Exhale and return to mountain pose.

Mary Jane Kasliner


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