Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day - Yin Fire Sheep Plus President Trump Birth Chart!

Today, Donald J. Trump will be swore into office as the 45th President of this great nation. Let's take a look at the energy for today (Yin Fire Sheep). In addition, for all those who may not have seen my analysis of President Elect Trump's birth chart, I have included the link below.

January 20, 2017: Yin Fire Sheep Day

The Sheep is the eighth sign of the lunar cycle.

I am nature's special child.
I trust and am rewarded by trust.
Fortune smiles upon my countenance.
All things blossom
in the gentleness of my love.
I strive to find beauty in all I behold.
I am fair of face
and full of grace.

I AM THE SHEEP   - The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes - Theodora Lau

*Just to note President Elect Trump has the sign of the Sheep in his Day pillar - or inner constitution of self.

Fire Sheep Energy for Today:

The fire-sheep is sure footed and very courageous about following intuition and taking the initiative in work. Creativity is strong along with the ability to highlight strong points and play down weaknesses. The fire sheep has the ability to produce peaceful situations and overall pleasant outcome.

The sheep energy has the knack of turning every weakness into strength. There is an underlying ability to get what is needed by insinuation and subtle hints. The sheep archetype energy is a master of the soft-sell technique and should never be underestimated.

The fire stem fuels the earth sheep today, or heaven nourishing earth. This is a balanced cycle of the elements with parent or leader (fire stem) giving to child or the people of this nation. This can be draining for parent or leader. As luck would have it, there is a hidden wood and fire stem located in the sheep branch to help fuel and assist the energy of fire. Furthermore, as President Elect Trump has an earth stem in his day pillar, the fire stem of today fuels his energy while the sheep branch today assists his sheep branch in his chart. To go a step further, the sheep branch today is part of President Elect Trump's Triangle of Affinity to his day sheep branch (Sheep to Sheep). This affinity does bring forth diplomatic and compassionate energy that is dependent on others for stimulation and leadership. This affinity extols the virtues of peaceful co-existence with their fellow man.

The hidden elements within the sheep of wood, fire and earth build a strong cycle of energy whereby wood represents growth, vitality and momentum for goal achievement; fire with a take charge energy to lead, and earth representing the great transformer.

God Bless America!

Mary Jane Kasliner

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