Monday, January 9, 2017

FIre Monkey Monday!

Happy Monday morning! Today there is a combination between the fire heavenly stem and metal earthly branch. Fire compresses metal causes it to melt; therefore expect enough mental pressures this morning that can fatigue the body. The way around and through this destructive cycle is to ground and stabilize. How? Make certain you break away from whatever you are doing and get quiet, breathe and focus inward. Even a 3 minute break of quietude is enough to calm the tension between fire and metal. It's also not a bad idea to keep a few stones in around your person today. Tourmaline is a great grounding stone. This may not be feasible for you so go for the breath control and that should do the trick.

Fire this morning is also about revisiting your goals and intentions for today and have a clear vision in the process. Do whatever it takes to have your voice heard in terms of what you can offer as an expertise in your field of work.

This afternoon the Monkey and all its attributes awaken. Be prepared to bounce from one project to another but try to maintain your focus and ground your energy. You may find your imagination running wild and not willing to listen to the advice of others. Not such a great idea! Expect others to come to you to solve a problem.

Mary Jane Kasliner

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