Monday, February 21, 2011

Can I speak To a Live Person!

The other day I was working away in my office and I couldn't help but overhear my husband on the telephone. Apparently he had called our cable service to make some changes. Every couple of minutes I could hear a long sigh followed by a few choice words. Continuing with my work, I didn't think much of it. Then, it happened - the explicatives began to fly. Not knowing what the problem was, I decided to investigate the situation further. I proceeded to follow the trailing voice from beyond and found my husband with phone glued to ear and head between his hands.
Concerned, I made eye contact with him with an inquisitive look.

Suddenly, my husband jumped up from behind the desk waving the phone in the air with the look of utter disgust. I couldn't imagine what the problem was, as anyone who knows Ron knows he is a very calm person. He proceeded to scream into the phone, "Can I Speak to A Live Person!" It was apparent he was stuck in "voicemail hell." You know...The computerized wench with 101 options, which of course none of them are relevant and only lead to another string of voicemail options. It goes something like this...For cable problems press 1; for billing press 2; to discontinue service press 3; for Internet problems press 4;...until it brings you right back to the same options.

Instead of getting worked up with him, I decided we should have a little fun instead. I suggested he place the phone on speaker option and set it aside on the desk. I proceeded to turn up the speakers on his computer and play some good music to drown out the pathetic elevator music streamng from the cable company. Before long we were dancing, singing, and making up a few of our own choice voicemail options.

After 20 minutes of having some fun, it happened. A voice that sounded human-like began to speak. Could it be...A real live person? It was. Finally, my husband was able to take care of the issue and all was well.

Moral of the Dented Face Blog Story...WE all have daily frustrations, but we also all have choices of how to handle them.

Enjoy your evening!

Monday, February 7, 2011


As I was preparing for my yoga class for this evening, I stumbled onto a book authored by Dr. Wayne Dyer "Wisdom of the Ages." I had read through this book several years ago, but it's one of those books that just keeps on giving. I opened to the page on "Balance." Hmm, I thought, this is a perfect intention for class. Why? Think about it...How many of you out there feel like you are constantly on the "Go?" No matter what you do you feel like you are two steps behind. It doesn't matter how much work you seem to get through in one day because there is always more to do.

Do you feel as if the work pile just keeps on growing with no end in sight? I'm sure most of you answered "YES" to that question. Here in lies the problem. According to Leonardo Da Vinci - Italian painter, sculpture, architect, musician, engineer, mathematician, and scientist (whew..That's sounds like a few lifetimes), being a workaholic is the opposite of being productive. Instead, this Renaissance man did the opposite. He took time to escape from daily routine and go some distance away to become more efficient and productive. It appears that highly productive people do just that. They bring a sense of harmony and balance into their lives. They are familiar with pacing and knowing when to retreat and clear their heads of immediate concerns. The key here is BALANCE.

To avoid being consumed by anything, you must be able to walk away from it. When you do this the picture becomes clearer. When you actually let go you begin to see exactly what you need to be doing and everything falls into place. When you get out of your own way the energy can flow from the "higher self" freely and divine source is readily available to you. Magically, the answers come to you and are "in spirit" or inspired.

In today's face pace world the best way to let go is to meditate. Find a quiet place where you can just sit and move your focus inward. For many the meditative practice of yoga is helpful to achieve this state of balance. You don't need to devote hours to this practice. A few minutes a day will do wonders.

May you have BALANCE today!

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