Monday, July 23, 2012

How to Let Sound Put You in The Present Moment

How To Let Sound Put You in The Present Moment

This week BSA discusses How to Let Sound Put You in the Present Moment. Have you ever noticed the symphony of sounds in nature? Can you feel the vibration of these peaceful sounds travel through you? The next time you are rushing around and feeling stressed out take a moment and tune into the natural sounds that surround you. You'll be amazed how your body will immediately become relaxed. You'll wonder why you're rushing in the first place.

Open Your Ears and Become Present

The next time you take a walk in the neighborhood or the park let your body become fully aware of the present moment. You will begin to notice that your mind will identify each sound whether it is the whistling sound through the tops of trees, chipmunks rustling around the ground, birds chirping or even cars passing on the road.
What you will begin to notice is that you are hearing sounds that happen everyday but the difference is that you are tuned in and staying present rather than getting lost in your personal thoughts. Just as you allow the natural sounds of nature ease into your awareness and then leave, you can do the same with your thoughts.  As a result you can experience an internal quiet rather then noise.

Practice Hearing Meditations

When you take your walks from now on practce a hearing meditation by allowing the sounds to enter freely followed by a sense of gratitude. Invariably you will begin to see things more clearly, hear better, smell and even taste the moment. These are the simple things in life that are always present but not necessarily noticed. You'll find you become a part of each sound and each sound becomes a part of you. This is living in the moment at its best. 
Try to use the sounds around you to access a quiet mind, whether you are outside in nature or in a the heart of the city. It doesn't make a difference the key is to open your sense of hearing fully and become a part of the sound. Hear with your entire body and allow the vibration of sound to resonate through your body. You will begin to notice the world swirling before you while your thoughts retreat. This is how you awaken your body and spirit to the present moment.

Mary Jane

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Ahimsa ~ The Yogic Philosophy to Peace

Ahimsa ~ The Yogic Philosophy to Peace
There is a way to achieve harmony with our environment and others according to Hindu belief  and yogic philosophy. In Hindu philosophy the principles of divine law inspire men and women to live in compassion and nonviolence. The rishis were mystics who believe all beings exist in interlaced dependence. In other words, the whole is contained in the part and the part in the whole. Based on this concept, oneness arose for the basis of noninjury or nonviolence.

Hindus believe in the existence of God everywhere. This basic belief  creates the attitude of sublime tolerance and acceptance towards others. The concept of ahimsa is based upon one not wanting to hurt something which one revered. Ahimsa is not about good and evil but rather abstaining from causing harm whether physical, mental or emotional. All the experiences in this life are of one's own creation, though it may be acted out through others.
Pantajali (circa 100 ce) regards ahimsa as the yogis vow which those seeking truth must follow it strictly and without fail. This was meant not only to condemn killing but also harm caused by words, and deeds including injury to the natural environment.

Ahimsa is wisdom, a cumulative knowledge of divine laws and the sacredness of all things. Peace is a reflection of spiritual consciousness and violence is a reflection of unevolved consciousness. The unevolved or lower nature on this planet right now are seen as the antagonists and protective of only their immediate environment. All others are their enemies where jealousy, fear and anger run rampant. In time, those of lower nature will come into a higher nature so humanity may progress from the darkness to higher divine light.

Om Shanti~
Mary Jane - Yogi and Feng Shui Master

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