Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Wondering Where to Place Your Focus this Month?

Wondering Where you Should Direct Your Focus this Month?
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Wondering where you should place your focus this month? Take a moment to read through my newsletter as I point out the energy patterns for the month of October.

I personally find it helpful to have a point of reference when it comes to aligning my goals, otherwise I have a tendency to scatter my energy in too many areas. Let's find out together what will work best to keep things flowing for you this month!

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane

Phase 1: Strong Water over Earth brings forth a few things to consider this month:

1. Be clear and concise when communicating your thoughts and opinions with others.

2. Be willing to be flexible and take the path of least resistance. Let go of judging self and others and watch how stress dissipates.

3. Don't give up! Persevere and accept assistance along the path.

4. Be humble and trust things are exactly how they should be.

* Strong water over earth can make us feel ungrounded. This actually has occurred with Hurricane Michael that hit the Florida Panhandle during the month of October, or strong water over earth. The root chakra is inadvertently impacted resulting in an unsteady feeling. Move slower and engage in earth activating practices like standing yoga poses, meditation, qi gong, tai chi or tending to your plants and herbs.

 Phase 2: Metal from Heaven: 
The trigram known as Qian is centrally located for the month of October. Metal is the parent of water and the child of earth. Therefore, the string of elements this month is in flow without resistance. To fully benefit from this energy, keep your focus as follows:

1. The destination is inside. This is the only focus you need to thrive and recognize who you are and your gifts.

2. Remember to breathe. With every inhalation you take in divine source. With every exhalation you serve others.

3. Focus on those who you want to emulate, then apply that information to your life so you can in turn mentor others.

4. Be open to new opportunities and be willing to travel outside your comfort zone to find them.

5. Resources will find you when you approach things from a child-like perspective. Absorb what is around you as if you are seeing and feeling it for the first time.

6. Keep your goals aligned to your spirit. The only way to do this is to remain in one-pointed focus. You must close the other windows of your mind to achieve that.

7. Incorporate earth and metal elements in the northwest portent of your home to build and assist this heavenly energy. (Visit my website:www.fengshuiyoganj.com to view publications to assist you with the elements).

Food to Incorporate This Month:

To remain in flow with the elemental energy configuration this month, it is beneficial to incorporate Earth, Metal and Water Foods in your diet.

Sample Earth Foods: 
  • Fennel - Figs - Bananas - Nuts - Zucchini 
Sample Metal Foods:
  • Celery Root - Onions - Turnips - Rice
Sample Water Foods: 
  • Fish - Seeds - Quinoa - Bean Sprouts - Butternut Squash
Simple Soup Recipe that Captures the Elements:
In a soup pot add the following:
  • Vegetable broth
  • Lots of chopped carrots
  • Finely chopped zucchini
  • Finely chopped squash
  • Minced garlic
  • Chopped onion
  • 1 can 28 oz crushed tomato
Salt, pepper, basil and oregano to taste
Garnish with pumpkin seeds, fresh basil or arugula

Sautee the vegetables until tender in vegetable broth, then add in crushed tomato and seasoning. Let simmer for at least 30 minutes. Your choice to use an immersion blender to create a smooth and creamy soup. Garnish with pumpkin seeds, fresh basil or arugula and serve with toasted pita and a glass of red wine!

Easy Pose is a Nice way to Root Down and Rise Up and Remain Connected - One Pointed Focus!
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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Agni - The Force of Growth and Balance

Each of the five koshas or sheaths that encase the soul has a different form of agni that is responsible for its development. Here is an overview of how the role of agni develops and balances the koshas.

  • The food sheath or the annamaya kosha relates mainly to the agni of food or digestive fire. It represents the abdomen, specifically the small intestine where digestion of food occurs. Digestion provides nourishment to all the tissues in the body. The physical body is essentially a tube built around the digestive tract whose main opening is the mouth - closely linked with speech. It is important one is mindful of what goes in the mouth and what comes out of the mouth for growth and balance physically and spiritually.
  • The pranic layer, pranamaya kosha relates to the agni of the heart and lungs. It connects with the solar plexus, which is below the physical pranic center. Through pranagni we digest air (prana), which gets transforms into energy. This layer is also connected with speech that is energized by the breath.
  • The agni of the outer mind or the manomaya  kosha is associated with perception. This allows us to digest our sensory impressions. Mental fire is most closely associated with the eyes and speech that we form in our mind or the internal voice. Agni of the mind is how we digest our impressions of the outer world and bring them into our internal landscape. 
  • The agni or fire of intelligence is the level of the vijnanamaya kosha. It is how we discriminate truth and actions of right and wrong. The fire of intelligence extracts the meaning of ideas we formulate that ultimately become our beliefs.
  • The agni of bliss or the anandamaya kosha, represents the fire of love. If we are not in alignment with our spirit, this form of fire is desire. It is the flame of our deepest desires, visions and aspirations. This level of agni transforms into the bliss of our spirit from which wisdom grows of the divine.
There are two additional levels of agni, the fire of consciousness and the fire of being. This is the fire of higher knowledge or consciousness. It is the inner light. The fire of being represents existence or universal fire. It is beyond duality - it is the supreme reality.

Mary Jane - Fengshui Yoga Girl - www.fengshuiyoganj.com

Friday, October 5, 2018

Prana and the Mind

The mind has its own energy that is derived primarily from the thoughts and impressions we hold on to. Prana governs how we receive things and the emotions we attach to them. It gives us energy and vitality. If we surround ourselves with negative energy or problematic thoughts and desires, we become misguided. There is a tendency for us to run after things in the external world rather than following our own internal inspiration.

The vayus, or levels of prana movement in the body, can direct the level of our thoughts or mind energy. For example, apana vayu on a psychological level can govern our ability to eliminate negative thoughts and emotions which ultimately become toxins. It gives us the ability to detach from negativity. If we do not release negativity we become clogged up, making us suppressed, stifled and weak.

Samana vayu can be associated with how we digest information. Does it fuel us, or does it take us down? If we take in positive information through inspiring ideas we can unite the heart and mind with positive outcome. Digesting wrong information causes one to cling to wrong attitudes, belief and emotions.

Prana vayu surrounds the heart and therefore we open the gateway to compassion and empathy. We draw in positive emotions as we lead with the heart. When contracted, we become self-centered and feel the need to be right all the time. This leads to a superiority complex and dilutes equality.

Vyana vayu promotes mental circulation, the free flow of ideas and information. If we are narrow-minded then we tend to come from a perspective of separateness and we are unable to unite with others.

Udana vayu provides positive mental energy because we come from a place of truth. As a result we feel liberated and enthusiastic because we are awakening our higher spiritual and creative potentials. If, on the other hand, we close out our truth we become ungrounded and the result is arrogance.

Prana is a positive energy in life so we are able to move forward and develop. The vayus give us the capacity to eliminate things that no longer serve us so we can expand and ascend, rise up and grow.

Mary Jane Feng Shui Yoga Girl

Monday, September 17, 2018

Sutra Focus for Yoga Your Yoga Practice

Sutra 52 Tatah ksiyate prakasavaranam, essentially talks about how the practice of pranayama and how it destroys the veil that covers the inner Light. The light within (Prakasa), is covered by the veil of mental darkness. Mental darkness is the mind chatter or illusions we create. How are we to remove the veil? By pulling the threads out, one by one, until it exists no more.

The mind is a veil woven of thoughts. It has no substance by itself. If we pull the thoughts out one after another, when they have all been removed, there is no mind left. It is like a heap of sugar. If we remove each grain of sugar, one after another, the heap no longer exists, only the sugar. Wood arranged in various ways, gets called different things; chair, table, bench or firewood. Different appearances get different names. But it is only the appearance that changes; the basis can never be destroyed. Our basis is the Self. As long as we identify with the body or mind we feel we are mortal. Pranayama indirectly helps is to understand the Oneness, the never-changing One, because it removes the veil.

Pranayama is an easy practice. Set aside a few minutes each day and simply breath. There are many different methods of pranayama, but one simple yet highly effective method is take a 4-count in breath to an 8-count out breath. Notice the difference after a few minutes of breathing in this format how you feel. Perhaps a bit lighter, softer and more centered.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl - www.fengshuiyoganj.com

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Exploring Sutra 41 Sattvasuddhi

Exploring sutra 41 Sattvasuddhi, breaks down as follows: One gains purity and cheerfulness of the mind when one is able to master the senses for self-realization. Essentially, you must understand the body, then the heart is purified. When the heart is pure, you are always happy. Concentration of the mind comes automatically without even trying. Only an impure mind is chaotic, forcing you to bring it back again to a state of peace. All the senses can be controlled, and then self-realization can occur. One must understand the first niyama, purity. When one is pure in thought and word, peace of mind automatically occurs. It is rather simple, yet the ego never wants to accept things easily. Try for just one day to be absolutely pure and honest. According to Patanjali you will be tempted to repeat the experiment again and again.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl - www.fengshuiyoganj.com

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Devotion Can Shape Your Life

Photo by Mary Jane Kasliner

Today, Yoga 365 discusses how devotion can shape your life. What is devotion? Is it a feeling, an act? It's up to you to discover exactly what it means to you. Essentially, when we are devoted to someone or something, we move through our life with them in our heart and mind. There is a deep reverence and love. We feel inspired and blessed knowing we are devoted to something in our life.

The feeling of devotion directs our actions, our behavior and words. It helps us to decide what is important in life and the types of decisions we make. Devotion has a way of connecting us to something greater than ourselves. Today, think about who or what you are devoted to and how that devotion shapes your life.


Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Resources - Truth - Strategy : Find Out How to Work With The Energy of August!

Resources - Truth - Strategy
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August: Resources - Truth - Strategy

Resources - Truth and Strategy is the theme for the month of August. The combination of the Earth Mountain, double Metal and Water provides rich resources found within the earth cradled by the movement of water.  Together, these elements provide the foundation for plenty of resources  this month. It is important however to approach these resources with integrity and a strategy that is productive and effective.

In today's newsletter, I'll review the qualities of the energy combinations and the best way to navigate through them.


Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane

Resources - Truth - Strategy:

This month the 8 earth (Gen) or mountain takes front and center of the Lo Shu. Earth greets metal, earth and water in the Monkey branch.

The Monkey archetype is like the seasoned traveler of the Labyrinth. It is the wizard of the impossible. The monkey is the sign of the inventor, the improvisor and the motivator. This is a month where you can easily problem solve situations, be clever and innovative. Being factual and truthful is the best approach in utilizing the rich resources (Gen - Mountain) has to offer, especially when dealing directly with the monkey archetype.

The monkey is a born strategist. Therefore, do not make a move this month without a plan, probably several plans in place. Do not turn your back on an opportunity, as the energy combinations this month support positive outcomes as long as you take the time to properly prepare. This shouldn't be a problem however, as the quality of metal naturally moves towards precision in thought, word and action. Furthermore, the vatta quality that is rising aligns to the element of metal, and provides all the necessary movement to digest information and make things happen.

The 8 earth mountain trigram (Gen), is yang but supported by two yin lines making this an introspective yet steady energy. It is associated with both the pingala and ida channels.  Therefore, it is best utilized by building a strong and grounded foundation so you can rely on your intuition and wisdom. This can be attained through a meditation practice.  You must however, take that wisdom and get out and use it. Be in front of people so you can move your plan into action. As long as you rely on the inner mountain or higher self, the resources will freely flow like water that flows upon the earth. This really becomes a balancing act between yin and yang. You must take enough action (Yang) to realize the rich resources that are available but this can only come through quietude and introspection (Yin). With just the right amount of each aspect, lightness in consciousness (Sattva), will arise and these resources or opportunities will unfold with grace.

Putting the Three Together:

Earth is grounding, supportive, stable, safe and reassuring. You need these qualities to feel confident and fully connected to your thoughts, ideas and others. These qualities are doubled this month through the Gen (8 trigram) and the Monkey hidden stem. Earth builds metal, as ore is found within the earth. The metal is strong this month (August), by way of the Monkey and the heavenly stem. Metal is the child of earth; therefore, it will test your balance through proper planning, strategy, thought process and integrity when taking action. The element of water lies beneath the Monkey branch, or is hidden. In nature, water also lies beneath to fill the water tables for plants to set root. This means there is a natural ebb and flow with your thoughts and actions. Communication and flexibility is a must for plans to shake out properly. With the dog days of August before us, a little water beneath these combinations is beneficial, as it will cool down the heat and keep us agile in the process.


The 8 earth star represents the northeast portent of your environment. Here are a few pointers for this direction:
  • Add a strong earth or fire feature such crystals, stones, candles or oil diffuser. This will naturally assist and build the earth quality of this portent which represents higher wisdom and knowledge.  
  • Incorporate square or rectangular shapes to further activate the support of earth.
  • An image of a majestic mountain bodes well to remind you of the stillness that lies within. You can also place an image of a saint or angel as a guide with your intuition.
 8 Gen Earth prefers fire foods such as chicory, endive, asparagus, sweet potatoes or earthy foods such as broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, avocado and beans.

 Other Areas of Concern:
When eight-earth is the highlight trigram for the month, the remaining trigrams move to different positions. On a very basic level, we are able to see how other aspects of our life take on this moving energy. Here are some things to consider:
  • When it comes to family this month travel is a must. Where is your ideal destination vacation? Figure it out and seek the journey. It will be transformational!
  • Be mindful of credit card or bank issues this month. You can be easily hacked if you don't take precautions.
  • Leisure reading and some research is beneficial to build on goals and direction you are thinking about taking.
  • Windfalls are the result of following through on your goals. See your vision and go for it!
  • Partnerships can be chaotic this month - two steps forward and three back. 
  • Find ways to be more creative on the job. This will change the dynamic of joy with your work.
  • Reach out to share your vision with others who share your interest. This can turn into a fabulous opportunity.
  • Any literature that deals with self-exploration is an excellent choice for this month.

Yoga Poses:

Helpful poses for the Earth trigram this month are as follows:
  • Standing poses
  • Kurmasana (Tortoise)
  • Child's Pose
  • Sukasana - Easy Pose
  • Malasana - Prayer Squat
  • Uttansana - Forward Fold
These will all help to arouse the root or earth base. Remember, the mountain has a strong base that rises upwards to the peak!

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