Friday, April 20, 2018

Make a Daily Gratitude List

Olympic National Park

From Yoga 365, the focus today is to create a "Gratitude List." This is a perfect way to appreciate the richness of your life  by weaving the feeling of gratitude into you entire day. Start the day with a simple meditation to clear your mind. Focusing on your breath is a perfect way to get grounded and centered. Then, make a mental list for those things you are grateful for. Think about each entry on your list. For example, you may feel grateful toward a particular person or for a positive event that you experienced. Perhaps take into account your talents or accomplishments. You may simply be thankful for the sun rising or for the food in your refrigerator. This is an excellent practice that can set the tone of how you will move through the world today. But why stop here? Why not make this a daily ritual. For one thing, it will change your perspective about how you view others and situations that arise. Secondly, it is a perfect way to manifest more of these blessings in your life. 

From a feng shui perspective, the southeast portent resonates with the aspect of fortunate blessings in life. Okay, most people who are familiar with feng shui would call this the portent of wealth. But what is wealth anyway? Would you say it constitutes health, family, happiness, a loving relationship, your soul's mission and spirituality? In my opinion, it most certainly does. Just try it for one day to make a gratitude list. Write this list while spending time in the southeast portent of your home. Place it by a water fountain or healthy plant and let the natural energy of movement and growth expand your gratitude list. When you come from a perspective of blessings, the universe will send more your way!


Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl

Thursday, April 19, 2018

There is Magic in the Unknown!

My daughter Christina Garofalo, exploring the unknown!

Sometimes we are out of ideas. We try to force our thinking but nothing comes. We struggle with what comes next. This can be rather frustrating as we feel we have hit a brick wall. But, there is no such thing as being done. That void, that dreaded blank spot is really a magical place. 

Many times we have to come to hit the brick wall before we can open up to something new. If you think about it, the reason we can't see any further is because our ideas are limited by the past, by past experiences, by what life has been like before. Don't confuse the past with the future, as the future doesn't have to be limited by our past. The universe and life for that matter, knows that. It's time to learn that too. 

The next time you hit that brick wall, see it as a new beginning. Right now is magical. Let the universe take your hand and show you  things you have never seen before. Be open, be vulnerable enough to learn and celebrate the mysteries of the unknown.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Just Keep Going!

Keep going

You are a work in progress. Today, do the work, make the progress.
You are on the amazing journey that is your life. And the very nature of a journey is to keep going.
When you achieve some success, don’t be so smug and satisfied that you stop making any further effort. Keep going.
If you encounter disappointment, don’t be so dismayed and dejected that you give up. Keep going.
Realize how fortunate it is that you always have more to do. Embrace each opportunity to make a difference, to make new progress, to keep going.
Always there are the new wonders to see, new wisdom to be gained, new experiences to unfold. With ever-growing love for the journey and all it brings, keep going


Keep going

You are a work in progress. Today, do the work, make the progress.
You are on the amazing journey that is your life. And the very nature of a journey is to keep going.
When you achieve some success, don’t be so smug and satisfied that you stop making any further effort. Keep going.
If you encounter disappointment, don’t be so dismayed and dejected that you give up. Keep going.
Realize how fortunate it is that you always have more to do. Embrace each opportunity to make a difference, to make new progress, to keep going.
Always there are the new wonders to see, new wisdom to be gained, new experiences to unfold. With ever-growing love for the journey and all it brings, keep going


Olympic National Park

According to Ralph Marston, we are all a work in progress. I just love that concept, as it has a way of letting you feel a bit more relaxed in your approach to work and life itself. He goes on to say we should enjoy and respect the amazing journey of life, but we must also do the work to continue our progress. If we succeed at something, it is important not to be smug and sit back. Instead, we should continue with the effort. If you encounter disappointment, you should not give up. Just keep moving forward and embrace opportunities that surely will come your way. According to Marston, there are always new wonders to see, new wisdom to be gained, new experiences to unfold.

Stay connected to your journey and all it brings. Most of all, just keep ging.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl

Keep going

You are a work in progress. Today, do the work, make the progress.
You are on the amazing journey that is your life. And the very nature of a journey is to keep going.
When you achieve some success, don’t be so smug and satisfied that you stop making any further effort. Keep going.
If you encounter disappointment, don’t be so dismayed and dejected that you give up. Keep going.
Realize how fortunate it is that you always have more to do. Embrace each opportunity to make a difference, to make new progress, to keep going.
Always there are the new wonders to see, new wisdom to be gained, new experiences to unfold. With ever-growing love for the journey and all it brings, keep going


Monday, April 9, 2018

Meditate With Your Eyes Open

Embrace the world through your eyes. Receive all of the visual information that is presenting itself to you right now. Take it in: the things, the spaces between things, the light, and the shadow. Le the world's visual abundance offer itself to you as if the universe is giving you a gift. Notice the layers of detail that you may often overlook. Gaze upon the infinite textures and colors of whatever is around you. Dedicate your entire mental focus to a visual exploration of what you see in front of you. Let yourself marvel. Allow your sense of wonder to extend to everything that exists, including you. This meditation is a prayer of gratitude to and appreciation of the visible world.
- Yoga 365

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -

Friday, April 6, 2018

Journey to the Heart: Be Present for Yourself

Journey to the Heart: Be Present for Yourself

In the book Journey to the Heart, today's lesson is about learning to be present for yourself. Being fully present for your thoughts and emotions. To let your body and heart lead you on each step of your journey. Survival is no longer enough as it does not meet the needs of your heart and your soul. Live fully and joyfully. To do that, you must be present for yourself. 

It's important to be fully present for others too. Be present for their emotions and the words they have to say to you. There is no need to be consumed by the needs of others, or become trapped in the workings of their lives. If you are present for yourself, you'll know how much presence to give others.

Be present for life, the chirping birds, the star-lit skies, blooming flowers and the morning sun. Notice the earth beneath your feet. Be present for all the magic and mysteries of the universe. But most of all be present for yourself. Then your presence for others and life will naturally follow.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl:

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Make the Dragon Month of April More Productive Than Ever!

Make The Dragon Month of April More Productive Than Ever!
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3 Strategy Steps for Making the Dragon Month of April More Productive Than Ever!

Welcome all! 
April is the month of the Fire Dragon and Heavenly Star (6) metal Qian. This is an extremely powerful combination that has the potential for great things to happen.

In today's newsletter, I'll review the Dragon and Heavenly Star qualities and how you can make April the most productive month ever!

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane

Dragon - The Archetype for the Month of April:
The dragon is a mythical folklore that never ceases to enchant us or stir our imagination.

The dragon is full of vitality and strength that  demands high standards and an eagerness to perform on a grand scale. Due to the high energy stored within the dragon, it is easy to burn yourself out. Therefore, it is wise to intelligently challenge yourself, but not move beyond what you can realistically accomplish. More about the best strategies to accomplish more this month, by doing less.

The dragon has a tendency to have a volcano of emotions. He would much rather be rough, rude and utterly inconsiderate. The wise choice when encountering this behavior is to sit back and watch the magnificent fireworks. Don't worry, it will fizzle out before you now it. You see, the dragon can't help but to be overly emotional, as the elements of wood (anger), and water (fear), are hidden within the dragon. To exacerbate this, the main element of the dragon is earth; an element that is in clash with both wood and water. To create a bridge, and soften the outcome between these elements, infuse the qualities of metal, or the ability to "think through" things before you take action.

Dragon Pose:
In the practice of yin yoga, there is a pose called "Dragon." This pose mainly focuses on the earth meridian that is in alignment with the major element of the archetype animal of the dragon. The stomach meridian, in particular, is activated in this pose. This meridian is primarily concerned with digestion and distribution. It also fires up manipura chakra (solar plexus), that has a direct gateway to the heart and upper chakras and can manifest a state of higher consciousness. The stomach meridian can also stir up feelings of anxiety or equanimity. So why does practicing this pose for at least a 5 minute hold help? Think about what it does on a physiological level, and then how that can translate to everyday emotions. If you digest information presented to you, and distribute it in a positive and productive way, you most likely will experience feelings of equanimity and elevate your level of consciousness. What happens on a cellular level in your physical body also happens on an emotional and spiritual level. To learn more about the stomach meridian and how to perform Dragon Pose click here.

Fire Dragon:
The month of April, fire rises over the earthly dragon. This is a positive or sheng cycle of elements whereby the heavenly stem of fire builds the root of the earthly dragon. This is the most righteous, outgoing and competitive of all the dragons. Expectations are high, and so is the energy. Superiority plus authority may feel a bit overwhelming at times this month. You may find yourself pushing hard for no reason. Trust you can build your "empire" if you strive toward the supreme order of things. Perform at your highest level this month and you will successfully inspire others to do the same.

The dragon resides in the direction of southeast, more specifically the first mountain (112.5 - 127.5) degrees. The southeast contains the element of wood, the season of spring, and weather that tends to be windy. It's a good idea to keep the elements in this direction in harmony with the primary elements of water and wood in d├ęcor. Be mindful of the outdoors. Plant vegetation that is flexible, or the ability to withstand wind. Moving water  can also be implemented, but only if the southeast direction falls to the front of your home. Water in the rear of the structure can undermine stability, health and wealth. If you are uncertain, it is advised to have a professional assessment, as in some cases water in the front can aggravate any potential energy combinations.

Heavenly Star 6 Qian:
Be inspired and be creative! The greatest mentors in life are said to blissfully reside in this space such as Mother Teresa, Jesus, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak, Chopra, Einstein and Gandhi... just to name a few. These are the people who honored the higher calling to create peace and harmony in the world through their works. They paved the way to higher awareness.

The 6 Qian heavenly star is about listening to your heart and how you can make a difference in the world. Set in motion the intention to attract like minded people, those who can mentor you, or you mentoring others. Move your state of mind and attract synchronicity, being in the right place at the right time. Expand your abilities to do the highest good. This energy reminds us to refine our intentions so we can live in clarity and order.

This trigram resides in the northwest direction. Check in with your design elements and make sure there is strong support of earth and metal to assist. Think about what inspires you and determine if your imagery holds true to that inspiration.

Since the trigram 6 Qian is activated this month, it will also make a move to the center of the home so all occupants can enjoy its energy. The metal meridians within the body will also be activated honing in on the lungs and large intestines. The emotions of sorrow and courage come to the light. It is connected to our ability to encounter difficulty with tenacity. This star is also associated with the head and crown chakra - an opening to higher consciousness. You can activate this chakra point with any inversion of your choice. Headstand  or rabbit  pose are wonderful choices to infuse during your yoga practice this month. 

 3 Strategy Steps for a Productive Month:
Now that you understand the energy you are working with this month, here are three simple strategies to get the most out of your month.
What Happened Last Month?
One of the easiest ways you can be more productive this month is to take in account what you accomplished last month. That's right...The good, the bad and the ugly.  List your accomplishments as well as your failures. See what went right, and see what went wrong, and then determine how to improve on each of them.

List Your Goals for This Month:
Now is the time to list your goals for this month. Using the solar calendar, the month of April begins today. Don't be shy. Create a list as long as you like realizing that if you accomplish even 50% you'll be more productive than you thought you could be. Be precise and maybe even daring.  Don't rush the list. Let it evolve instead.

Track Your Progress:
Make sure you track your progress throughout the month. Are you staying on your path or have you diverted? Perhaps break down the month with weekly goals so it doesn't seem so daunting. Remember, rely on what you did in March to figure out what to do in April!

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Succes is WhenYou Take Action!

Success is when you take action. Sometimes to take action we need courage, and to find courage we may need to cultivate inner strength. We can find inner strength through our meditation and yoga practice. These practices develop and strengthen us from the inside, so that we will have the courage to address our personal challenges within and without.

When you take action, take it from the direction of love. Do all things driven by love. Let love be your motive and your guide. In doing so, true success follows. This is the way to create your life narrative.

We are creative beings, and every single day offers us the opportunity to begin again. Invite today to be an artistic project in which you take creative chances without fear or hesitation. Do the writing today to create the story of your life.

Mary Jane Kasliner
Feng Shui Yoga Girl

Monday, March 19, 2018

MJ's Energy Forecast!

Today, the yang metal heavenly stem resides over the earthly dog branch. This is a sheng cycle between the elements of metal and earth and therefore keeps energy flowing without impediments.  The earth dog branch fuels the heavenly metal stem, or the body pushes the mind. When the elements are positioned in this manner, it behooves you to exercise the body to establish clarity for the mind. This can be as simple as taking a brisk walk, or any other exercise regiment. You'll find in doing so your day will be more productive.

The main way to approach your day with metal rising, is to follow a precise routine. Take time to organize your schedule by writing down everything you would like to accomplish today. Approach all things with a clear mind, honesty and fairness. Trust what comes your way is for the best. Be bold, confident and forthright for best results.

Other Areas of Focus:

  • Designate some time today on your finances. See where you can make some adjustments to increase investments and shave off excess.
  • Make sure those you choose as mentors, or to network with today, share your same vision.
  • Determine how you can infuse creativity into your job. Can you incorporate a "think outside the box" mentality?
  • Keep your ideas in check and realistic. Focus on one goal at a time.
  • Consult family elder for future business opportunities.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Spring Rising!

Wood Energy on the Rise for Spring Awakening

The yin wood rabbit is born in the month of March to welcome in the rise of spring. 

The Rabbit's Nature:
There is something quite magical about the rabbit energy. In Chinese astrology, the rabbit is considered to be very social, good conversationalists, and great healer. The most unassuming of types, the rabbit is always very much aware of what goes on around them, especially when it comes to people's motives. The rabbit's great sensitivity and easy-going nature often conceals a very clever and deft mind. You never really know what they are thinking. The rabbit in the Four Pillars grants one the ability to divine the social scene and the prevailing consciousness of the public. As such, the rabbit can take on any role very well. Thus, they can appear as a sort of everyman, with the public.
Everyday Translation: 
This month, prepare for several social events. As the weather warms up, there will be plenty of opportunities to be outdoors and relish in the beauty of nature. People will be  more aware of what's going on around them personally and publically. Leaders locally and globally are not immune to this energy combination; therefore, they will explore friendlier options when it comes to negotiating tactics. 
Healing is the trend for this month whether physically, emotionally, politically or spiritually. By and large, people will sense the need to restore balance to their lives and will seek alternative ways to accomplish that.

Rabbits are Great Dreamers:
Dreams are especially important to the rabbit and their dreams can be quite prophetic, for the rabbit is a prophet and a seer if their insights are given heed. Rabbits find the mysteries of love to be a quest for them, the magical alchemical formula that will transform their life. The rabbit is exemplary of Yin Wood (their native Element). They like 'inner space' and can create huge mental vistas. They are very good at visualization and they are usually quite visionary. 
Everyday Translation:
Dream big this month! Is there something you have been putting off in your life because you felt the timing wasn't right? This is the month to satisfy your dreams. Even if you take baby steps, that is fine. The idea is to move towards your dream to bring it to fruition. Perhaps include a vision board to assist you in the process. Sometimes it is easier to know what your dream is when you can actually see an image of it. Place this image somewhere you can see it everyday so it is imprinted in your mind.

Wood Element and Spring:

Spring is designated to the wood element, and the qualities of spring such as sudden change and volatile weather are reflected in the way the body is associated with the wood element attributes. Changeable wind patterns that are indicative of spring can aggravate the liver meridian and cause arthritic conditions to flare. Keeping this meridian flowing with yin yoga poses such as reclining butterfly, wide knee child's pose and dragonfly pose are wonderful to balance this meridian channel. Holding these poses for at least three minutes will give you the best results.

The wood energy for spring can be rather powerful and is associated with our warrior years during our 20's when we are planning our life strategy. The liver needs to be strong to provide for great foresight. If not, we are likely to stumble and have a rocky start. This holds true whatever stage in life you are in especially if you are looking to take a new course direction. Confident commitment is needed to launch anything new in life and this is evident is the strength of the wood element represented by the tree, but also requires the flexibility of yin wood represented by the trees ability to go with the flow of the wind and its bending branches.

The wood element also has a negative aspect to it such as anger, frustration and depression. Great vision and the ability to plan, and being decisive are the motivating factors that are essential to ward off the negative aspects of wood. Should wood become unbalanced, and the liver meridian stagnate, you may find other symptoms that can arise including:
  • Frustration
  • Feeling stuck
  • Emotional volatility
  • Headaches
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Rib pain
  • Joint pain
  • Blood pressure fluctuations
  • Watery eyes
The gallbladder is also associated with the element of wood and is connected with our ability to follow our path in life, to avoid deviating or being put off by external influences. Too much liver or gallbladder chi forces us to make rash decisions, and when wood is depleted, we experience hesitation and timidity. Some yin poses to keep the gallbladder meridian fluid are: Shoelace, eye-of the needle, and sleeping swan. Again, holding these poses for a minimum of three minutes is best.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl: