Spirit of India - Plus Energy Patterns for December 2018!

Spirit of India!
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     Recently I returned from a yoga retreat to India. Some of the unforgettable experiences of this trip included spending an afternoon with Babakishor under a Banyan tree, walking, shopping and meditating along the banks of the Ganges, being surrounded by the extraordinary sights and vibrations of the high Himalayas, spiritual power emanating from age-old sacred temples and generated by our own group through yoga, chanting and meditation. Climbing the Boothnath temple, visiting the Beatles Ashram, attending the celebrated Ganga Aarti and Satsang, giving back to the locals, our excurion to Vashitha Cave, Agra Fort - Fatepur Sikri, and the Taj Mahal.

     India was a trip like no other. Being part of a group of like-minded people was a strong confirmation of how connected our spiritual journey is.

     In this newsletter enjoy short blogs from my trip and the upcoming energy for the month of December! 

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane

Selfless Service

India was an adventure like no other. The combination of beauty, spirituality, loud noises, colorful clothing, wafting smells, dirt and poverty was a fusion of opposing forces in every way.

India is referred to as "the Mother." She nurtures, inspires, and teaches us to live our yoga. It is through personal development and spiritual evolution we are able to recognize our blessings and be grateful for them.

In the holy city of Rishikesh, located along the Ganges and surrounded by the Himalayas, is where our group practiced Yoga, Meditation, the Law of Attraction and SEVA.  Read more...

This is Babakishor. He lives under a Banyan tree along the Ganges. We spent the afternoon at his home (under the tree), as he shared divine wisdom in his native tongue. Albeit we had a translator, the vibration of his words seem to tell the story without language barriers.

Babakishor is referred to as a Puja.
Puja in Sanskrit means that which is born out of fullness and completeness. It is to express a heart that which is overflowing with so much gratitude and joy, that Puja (Pooja) is done. It is said when such a feeling arises within us, then some action inevitably gets linked with it also. We express our love towards each other by doing some sort of action. In the same way, when a devotee is so in love with the Divine, he wishes to do something or give something to the Divine. Essentially, whatever we receive from the Divine, we offer it back to him innocently and playfully.

Babakishor demonstrated his devotion to the Divine through his words and actions.  We watched him return the money we donated for him and serve us the snacks that were meant for him. As if that wasn't enough, he sent us off with homemade chai tea on his make-shift outdoor stove.

Babakishor is also described as a Sadhu, a Sanskrit word for "accomplished." It is a way of life in Hinduism that renounces the world of asceticism. The path of the Sadhu is one of a holy man. Babakishor imparted his words of wisdom to follow the path of righteousness.

Before parting ways, Babakishor demonstrated a yoga pose. With the grace of a swan, he lifted his leg and placed it behind his head. He began moving his arms like a bird in flight. This is the vision he left us with, as if to remember to ride the wings of our spirit. 


Energy Patterns for the Month of December:

First Phase: Yang Wood over the Water Rat
"Aarti Offering to Ganges"

The month of December holds wood over water. These two elements work in a sheng cycle whereby the Rat  water branch fuels the heavenly stem of wood. Water is in its prosperity point this month. Therefore, it behooves you to be more introspective, measured, adaptable, resourceful and flexible.

Water relates to the kidneys and the emotion of fear. There is a tendency for vulnerability to the kidney/urinary bladder system this month in addition to feelings of angst. Breathing techniques to relax the mind, and activities such as swimming or yoga to keep the joints supple, bode well for this month.

There is a direct correlation with career and long-term plan of action. This is the time to ponder your direction, With the element of wood in the heavenly position, there is a natural tendency to create and act on your new ideas. However, this time of year wood is in stage 2 and needs care. Think of it as a new born baby needing assistance with everything. How does this translate into everyday life? Take your time with your ideas/creations and nurture them before sharing with others.

The combination (wood/rat) is progressive and success oriented. There is a tendency to explore everything this month and find good use for almost anything. This energy combination is terrific when it comes to corporate systems and making them work for you. Set your priorities and work hard to achieve your aims. Security is important and why the underlying theme this month is to determine your long term plan. The wood element this month can show up as stiffness in joints/musculature, and or liver and gallbladder vulnerability.

Phase 2 Energy Pattern for December

Boothnath Temple Rishikesh, India
The trigram Xun rotates into the central position of the loshu grid this month. 
In nature, this trigram represents the gentle breeze of late spring. It is receptive, as it is associated with yin or female energy. Essentially, the hard work is already done by its male counterpart (Zhen). Therefore, keep your focus on how you can eventually promote your ideas and realize the benefits they can potentially bring. Spend time nurturing your ideas. Treat them like your baby and then watch them grow and mature.  

Xun trigram also represents fortunate blessings – all those things we are grateful for and continue to want in our life. This includes material aspects such as cars, home, clothing, etc. It is important we practice an attitude of gratitude and give freely. Such behavior increases the energy frequency around us generating more blessings. 

Xun is indirectly associated with relationships. Therefore, it is important to nurture those around you this month. Make a concerted effort to spend quality time with friends and family.  Plan something special and enjoy every moment. This trigram is associated with the hips, thighs and pelvic area. Be mindful of these body parts, as they can  be vulnerable this month.

Beatles Ashram Rishikesh, India

Other Areas of Attention:

The energy is strong in three additional aspects this month:

1. Resources are readily available to you this month as long as your vision matches your soul's mission.Take time to create a vision board and keep your energy in alignment with it. During meditations this month, see yourself already accomplishing your desires. See it, feel it and know it is already yours!

2. Listen carefully to partner when it comes to long-term planning for career/life journey. Include those closest to you in the process, as their advice is invaluable. Be willing to be flexible and mindful of how you take this advice. Employ good organizational skills and think things through before proceeding.

3. Keep the ideas flowing this month when it comes to your career. Make certain they are in complete alignment with your highest mission. This is the way to ultimate success. Remain grounded and organized for best results.

Yoga Poses and Foods This Month:

  Beatles Ashram Rishikesh, India

With double wood and water fueling, fire is needed to balance the flow. There will be a natural tendency to want to flow like water in your yoga practice this month and that is fine. However, to keep the cycle of flow moving and balanced, fire is needed. Check in with poses that will stimulate manipura (solar plexus) to build heat (agni) and restore balance.

  • Plank Pose
  • Warrior 3
  • Bow Pose
  • Boat Pose
  • Sun Salutations A & B
  • Seated Twists
  • Bellows Breath
Foods for Balance:

Water Foods: Fish, chestnuts, carrots, cabbage, sea vegetables

Wood Foods:  Squash, beans, cucumbers, strawberries, grapefruit, sesame seeds

Fire Foods: Brussel sprouts, celery root, beets, buckwheat, flaxseed, asparagus


Taj Mahal & Fatepur Sikri                                        

  Fire Element Recipe: Breaded Celery Root

2 organic lemons, 1 celery root, 8 ounces unsalted butter, 3 eggs, 1 cup flour, freshly ground pepper, sea salt, 1 bunch fresh basil, 1 clove garlic, 1 shallot, 2 tablespoons small capers or cranberries, dash of paprika, 1/2 cup virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon mustard, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar, 2 tablespoons heavy cream.

* Note: Vegans use egg and butter substitute!


Grate and zest lemons and squeeze juice. Put lemon zest and juice in large bowl. Peel and quarter the celery root, then cut into thin slices and mix in bowl with lemon juice. Mix well.

Put a skillet over medium-low heat and add unsalted butter and let it melt. Skim off white foam as it rises to the top.

Beat the eggs and put flour in separate dish. Drain celery root slices, and dip first in beaten egg, then in the flour, and fry until crisp and golden in the hot butter. Season to taste with pepper and sea salt. Sprinkle with lemon juice.

Finely chop basil and peel and mince garlic and shallot. Mix capers, paprika, olive oil, garlic, and shallots, and pepper to taste, sea salt, mustard, water, vinegar, and a little more paprika. Stir in basil and the cream. Serve the sauce with fried celery root slices.

Aarti and Satsang Celebration Rishikesh, India
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