"Pie in the Sky" Yogini: Whoops - I fall too!

Let's face it, just because I am a yoga teacher doesn't mean I don't fall on my face. I'm no different than any other yogi. Some days my practice feel spot on and others days...Well, let's just say I can't stand when the earth moves beneath my feet.
There are more poses I can’t do, than there are ones I can—I know what I know, and that’s that.
What I do know—I teach. Even though I may wobble and fall, I know what it feels like in it.
I also know what it feels like to lose it…and to find it…and to lose it again.
It’s the failures, the mistakes and the whoops that give me the authority to teach. I don’t have to know it all, I just have to know what I do know intimately.

Mary Jane


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