Trusting and Letting Go: The Energy of the Serpent

Snakes have long held numerous interpretations in our world; being revered in certain cultures to the ultimate symbol of evil in others.In the Medicine Wheel the snake represents the south direction and the root chakra. Therefore, this symbol is about shedding the past and making sure our physical requirements are being met. It is about walking upon this earth softly so we can spend time to tend spirit.

The snake tells us to surrender to the "small stuff," and when we do so the organizational principles of the universe manifests so things can happen for us. Just letting go allows things to align and fall naturally into place.When we cast out worry then divine action can take the lead and the life you were always meant to live takes form.

Here's to giving the universe a chance to take the lead today.

Mary Jane Kasliner - President Body Space Alignment



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