Thursday, June 29, 2017

Daily Feng Shui Forecast

Today, there is a a double combination of energy throughout the 8 portents of the flying stars. First off, the south portent or the area that represents our reputation, goals, marketing and soul's mission is stacked with vibrant energy. Double 8's here so get the money rolling, strong fire and moving water to navigate this excellent source of qi.

Career is a plus for both female and male today. Adding strong metal to the southwest and wood to the north will definitely charge career and long term goals.

The west portent also has an amazing combination of energy when it comes to travel and having fun. Take the lead and engage with others. Adding strong earth to this area today bodes exceptionally well.

Areas to be mindful of are the northwest (add strong metal vibration sound), the east add metal, and the southeast add fire.

The Fire pig combination for today is all about follow through on plans. Optimism and trusting your innate abilities are key factors to achieving best results. Welcome a hand to help others today and provide opportunity when you can.

Enjoy this video of nature and the elements:

Mary Jane

Monday, June 26, 2017

Reverence Offers the Experience of Gratitude

To revere means o honor, respect, and venerate. To practice reverence, begin to soften and take in your surroundings. Notice the beauty of the details. Listen to others attentively, appreciating their thoughts and ideas. When we offer reverence, we experience gratitude, a deep experience of appreciation and thankfulness, because gratitude thrives on attentiveness and respect. Our reverence opens our eyes. Move through your day today with open eyes, with reverence for yourself, the people you meet and objects around you and notice how it affects you.

Listen to video:

Mary Jane

Monday, June 12, 2017

Daily Energy Feng Shui Style on Video!

Click on the video links and tune into today's energy plus a short video for the east and southeast portents of your home!

               East & Southeast  Feng Shui Video  

                                                               Daily Flying Star Video:

Mary Jane

Fire Peaking & Yoga!

We are approaching the summer solstice whereby fire is peaking. Click the video links below to find out more about the element of fire and yoga.

Mary Jane

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Your Favorite Yoga Poses

We all have our favorite yoga poses and just love when they are included in a yoga class. You feel as though you can glide into the pose and remain there forever. Well, maybe forever is a bit stretching it but I'm sure you get the point. The following are my favorite yoga poses:

1. Warrior 2
2. Triangle
3. Supported warrior 3
4. Pyramid
5. Tree

Discover what your favorite yoga poses are and why. Then, the next time you roll out your mat only include those poses for your entire practice. Notice how you feel at the end of your practice. Just to mix it up a bit, with your following yoga practice avoid doing those favorite poses and notice the difference in your mind, body and attitude. It's an interesting way to broaden your perspective of your practice. Who knows, you may even discover 5 new poses that become you favorites!

Mary Jane Kasliner

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hands to Heart

From the book: The Teacher Appears, Govind Das suggest a way to tap in to your most spiritual heart and be inspired. By bringing your hands to prayer position in front of your chest you can go deep into your most spiritual heart, and with total sincerity finish the statement: "I dedicate my life to..."

This is a powerful way to connect to your soul's mission, the Dharmic path. Try moving through at least 20 sun salutations and when you are finish place prayer hands over heart center and open your mind and heart to the whispers of your soul. The answer should be clear.

Om Shanti,
Mary Jane

Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 2017 Feng Shui & Yoga Forecast!

June 2017 Feng Shui & Yoga Forecast.

Welcome to BSA - The Conscious Alignment of Energy
BSA is busy updating its newsletter and website for the start of this summer season! We hope you like what you see and enjoy what you read.

June is the month of the Yang Fire Horse, the summer solstice, and the literary star (4 Xun). The element of fire is at its peak, so get ready to fill your days with action, adventure, transformation and illumination.

The Fire Horse:
Fire represents a host of things from the color red, hot weather, the sense of touch, the heart, eyes, small intestines, our soul's path, accolades and our reputation. It is an element that sparks all life and brings clarity to any situation. The active side of fire is spontaneous and hard to control while the passive side is easily directed to serve our needs.

The fire element has a natural capacity to lead; a decisive and confident energy. Therefore, this month there is a natural capacity to motivate people and bring ideas to fruition. There is a tendency however to be aggressive and dominate others with your own ideas and creativity. There is also a greater tendency to take risks and move to pioneer new trails.  It's important to tighten the reins on your emotions as forceful ambitions can make you inconsiderate and impatient. Curb impulsiveness for your own good and realize that diplomacy goes a long way.

The fire stem meets the horse for a rather flamboyant and adventurous nature. Change is welcomed through sheer willpower. Distractions can easily hold you back from accomplishing all you would like so make sure you stick to your "to do" list for best outcome. Competition is likely but that will not deter you from your path. Just know the horse can be rather unpredictable. With that being said, expect crazy things to unfold in relationships and on the job. Remain agile and passionate in your approach to business dealings. Exercise is important this month so get out there and embrace the outdoors. The more strenuous the activity the better. This goes for mental activity as well. You may find people are quick to make decisions and very flexible and open- minded.

*What to Learn from the Horse:

  • Be quick and come to the point when interacting in business
  • Think in terms of new ideas and approaches
  • Pursue lofty goals
  • And most of all...Take some time to smell the roses!

The 4 Literary Star:

This month the focus is on literature, writing, the arts and theater. This is a creative flowing type of energy, when combined with the Horse month, can really fuel great ideas that spread easily. From a feng shui perspective, this is the trigram of Xun; the eldest female, the element of wood and the wind in nature. Wood is expansive, but in this yin polarity takes on a softer and more gentle approach. In other words, it is the slow growth that begins to bloom into full expression. It represents the thighs and pelvic region of the body, so these areas can be more vulnerable to injury this month. This trigram also represents fortunate blessings and wealth. Therefore, a greater chance exists for financial return for your creations.

Areas of Concern:

Place a metal element here on June 6th and remove by July 7th to ease the negative star residing here for the month. This star can cause family tension and abdominal illness for male.

Northwest: Metal sound vibration is helpful to break up this negative star that can result in chaos especially for eldest male (patriarch). This can impact networking and  potential deals for financial return. You can remove the metal vibration by July 7th.

Northeast: Virtual water cure to alleviate potential theft. This star can also cause you to question yourself bringing about uncertainty. Remove cure by July 7th.

Areas to Highlight:

Southeast: Drum up new business. Add water and fire element to add movement and stability to finances. Remove cures by July 7th.

South: Run with your services and reputation to corner the market in your business. Bring clarity and vision to your goals this month by adding strong fire element here. Remove by July 7th.

Career focus for female this month. See the big picture. Add metal element to this sector and remove by July 7th.

West: Keep the creativity flowing and have some fun while you are at it. Add earth to this direction and remove by July 7th.

North: Fine tune your goals and vision for career longevity. Add wood here and remove  by July 7th.

Yoga This Month!

With fire at its peak this month it is natural to engage in practices that illuminate the 3rd chakra, manipura. Manipura is about tapping into our raw potential, our God-given gifts bestowed upon us entering this earthly plane. By utilizing theses gifts to serve others we walk the dharmic path - our soul's mission. Here are a few poses to include in your practice.

  • Sun Salutations, Warrior Poses 1, 2 & 3, Plank, Bow, Child's Pose and Corpse                                                                

Happy June! (new construction)

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