Thursday, June 29, 2017

Daily Feng Shui Forecast

Today, there is a a double combination of energy throughout the 8 portents of the flying stars. First off, the south portent or the area that represents our reputation, goals, marketing and soul's mission is stacked with vibrant energy. Double 8's here so get the money rolling, strong fire and moving water to navigate this excellent source of qi.

Career is a plus for both female and male today. Adding strong metal to the southwest and wood to the north will definitely charge career and long term goals.

The west portent also has an amazing combination of energy when it comes to travel and having fun. Take the lead and engage with others. Adding strong earth to this area today bodes exceptionally well.

Areas to be mindful of are the northwest (add strong metal vibration sound), the east add metal, and the southeast add fire.

The Fire pig combination for today is all about follow through on plans. Optimism and trusting your innate abilities are key factors to achieving best results. Welcome a hand to help others today and provide opportunity when you can.

Enjoy this video of nature and the elements:

Mary Jane

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