Who Steals a Garbage Can?

What possesses a person to take a garbage can? Do they have some kind of a garbage fetish or do they simply have to have my garbage can for its' durability. Whatever the reason, I'm just trying to figure out how they confiscated it. I mean the container was full when I took it out to the street, so I'm assuming they waited until the garbage truck came by in the morning and that is when they decided to make their move.

I'm trying to picture the scene...the garbage man empties my can and out from the bushes comes this figure - covered camouflage make-up and a serpentine motion towards the can. Now here is where it gets a bit fuzzy for my imagination. Does the garbage snatcher lift the can by just picking it up and running down the street with it or is there a car involved with the heist?

Days later it is time to take the garbage out again, but no can to store the white bags of trash in. What to do...hmm? Do I just leave the trash bags out by the street and risk being fined by the community for no garbage can, or do I take a walk around the neighborhood to see if I can find the missing can? I decide to send my husband out on detail to find the missing trash holder. However, to no avail. He comes up empty. As I ponder my next move, the thought occurred to me...why not stick your bags in one of your neighbors garbage cans? Did I really think that? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Let's just say the garbage was taken and I didn't receive a summons.

Well, there is now two days left before it is garbage collection time again. I guess I'll just have to resign myself to the fact that my can is gone for good and a replacement will be the only option. In the meantime, to ease the stress and take a load off from the search, I decided to get into one of my favorite yoga poses that really calms the mind and relaxes the body. Legs - up - a wall or in Sanskrit Viparita Karani. It's so easy to do this pose and anyone can do it at any age. Simply lie on the groud on your back and slide your hips up against a wall. Allow your legs to naturally glide up the wall. You may support your lower back by sliding a rolled up towel beneath the sacrum. Spread your arms out to the sides with your palms open to the ceiling. Close your eyes, relax, and sink into the breath. Hang out here for as long as you want to. The only time to avoid this pose is if you have serious eye problems or neck issues. Enjoy!


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