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Energy Wheels - Transform Your Reality

Energy Wheels - Transform Your Reality


Chakras: The Seven Life-Force Energy Centers
Transform Your Reality
We all have the ability to transform our life if we choose to. There are many modalities that can assist in the process but there is nothing more powerful then working with the vibration of energy. All energy vibrates outward and directly impacts other vibrations that it comes in contact with. You are simply one more element in this vibrating Universe that releases a vibration.
In order to achieve vibrational harmony and positive change we need to work at the etheric level. We can do this by awakening the chakras (energy wheels) in the body and structure through sound, color, stones, scents and movement. As a result you can nourish all aspects of your life and transform your reality.
Chakra” is a Sanskrit word literally meaning "wheels of light."  These centers were named as such because of the circular shape to the spinning energy centers (vortexes) which exist in our subtle etheric body, the non-material energetic counterpart to our physical body. 
There are seven main chakras with seven subset chakras or microcosm of the greater macrocosm. They are positioned along the main channel (sushumna) or spine extending out the front and back of the body.  They constantly pull energy in from the surrounding environment.
The two lesser channels of energy -- the Pingala on the right – (yang representation or Sheva downward manifesting) and Ida on the left (yin representation or Shakti liberating or upward current), run parallel to the spinal cord. These wheels of energy both take up and collect prana (life force energy also known as qi) and transform and pass it on to the physical body and organ systems.
Each chakra (energy wheel) is associated with a certain part of the body, specific aspect of human behavior, and internal organ system. These energy wheels rotate at different frequencies relative to location in the body and awareness of the individual to integrate the characteristics of each chakra into their life. The lower wheels are associated with fundamental emotions and needs vibrating at a lower frequency as they are denser in nature. The finer energies of the upper wheels correspond to our higher mental and spiritual aspirations and faculties. These wheels rotate at a higher frequency then the lower wheels.

The openness and flow of energy through the chakras (energy wheels) determines our state of health and balance and empowers us on a physical, mental and spiritual level. As the Universal Laws of vibration, resonance and attraction are all based on the same principle – like vibrations attract, then aligning this subtle sensory system invites endless blessings into our life.
Finding the Flow:
One of the easiest ways to begin to align the subtle energy body is to incorporate a daily yoga and meditation practice. Keep things simple and think like a child. In other words, when a child goes out to play there isn't a thought process - there is simply the act to PLAY! This too should be your approach and actually is naturally built into our energetic body - specifically the second chakra or naval portal.
I personally enjoy a brief meditation first thing in the morning. I like to sit on my meditation cushion facing the east - sun rise position, so I can imbue my body with the essence of strong and pure ions of the atmosphere. Next, I encircle my aura using my hands with an energetic protective field visualizing  4 guardian angels (Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael) surrounding my body.
Once I feel protected, I move to simple in and out breaths to center my mind. Once I feel totally at peace I continue to sit for several more minutes to digest the energy before moving into a simple yoga practice that changes from day to day. Generally, I work with the energy I feel within. Some days I can flow through many sun salutations and warrior poses and other days I just want to remain on the earth in inversions.
The idea is to generate the flow of prana or life force within to tap into the energy of your sensory systems - and that includes the chakras. Stay tuned for more blogs on the chakras!
Mary Jane - Yoga Teacher & Feng Shui Master

My Perspective of Energy in the Chakras

Overall Impression of Energy:


My Perspective of Energy in the Chakras

Photo Taken by Mary Jane Kasliner


Everything is a continuum – many microcosms to the greater macrocosm. There is a constant ebb and flow of energy since the dawn of time. The Taoist philosophy – out of the wuji, or the great void is born the tai chi – one yang bit and one yin bit. These two interdependent polarities drive the forces of the Universe (macrocosm) and the forces of the human body (microcosm).  These interdependent forces follow the rules of binary math – whereby 1 representing yang or God source creates all things out of nothing (0) or yin.

The crown is all knowing – all potential from heavenly father. It is the natural electricity from the stars that act as one half of the electromagnetic field that binds all atoms for life to ensue. It is the manifestation into being of the earthly realm (Root). It is the material aspects – the yin force or Mother Earth. It is through the magnetism from Her spinning on a rotational axis (can be likened to the spine with rotating ida and pingala) that forms the other half of the electromagnetic field equation essential for life to exist. That which is above (Father – God Source – Yang ) is received below ( Mother – Matter – Yin). Mother is receptive to that which is thrust upon her. Likewise, She releases energy upwards back to Father source and the cosmos. One cannot exist without the other.

The root is our physical body experience of our spiritual essence. It must learn how to become spirit again through the chakra journey. Innately we know the way. It is simply a reawakening of coming home.
Simple Meditation to find the Crown in the Root:
Know that all things originate from the crown through the root. This can be likened to a newborn crowning its head through the root base of Mother. New ideas, like a newborn baby, originate from the downward manifesting Sheva energy responding to the liberating upward Shakti energy. To capture and work with this energy, it is a good idea to tune into first. Below are a few suggestions of how you can do just that.
1. Take a traditional meditation position with hips slighly higher than knees so the spine will fall into alignment.
2. Place some grounding stones nearby such as smokey quartz or black tourmaline.
3. Take a root chakra hand mudra (Pran life) by joining the ring and pinky finger to thumb and point the index and middle finger forward. Rest hands upon knees in this mudra position.
4. Begin to tune into the breath with a count of 4 in- and - 4 out. Take four full rounds. We work with the number four as it represents the four corners of the earth and the 4 guardians of the land represented by the 4 cardinal directions.
5. Begin to chant the sound mantra for the root and crown chakras (Lam - Om). Alternate these sound vibrations for several minutes or until you feel fully connected to that above and below.
6. From and easy seated position simply rock forward into a child's pose for four breaths; then move to rabbit pose so the crown of the head moves into the earth. Hold this position for 4 breaths. Return to child's pose.
7. Finish your meditation by walking outdoors with bare feet on Mother Earth as you take periodic stops to cast your gaze skyward.
Mary Jane - Yoga Teacher & Feng Shui Master




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The Meaning of 108 Sun Salutation

The Meaning of 108 Sun Salutations
Asbury Park, New Jersey
A japa mala or mala is an eastern rosary with 108 beads. The mala is used both in Hinduism and Buddhism for counting mantras, chants or prayers. 108 has been a sacred number for a long time, and this number is explained in many different ways. Here are a few explanations:

  • Indian/Buddhist thought states that the outer universe is mirrored in the inner man. He is the microcosm and the objective universe is the macrocosm. The number 108 represents the distance between the devotee and the God within.
  • The chain of 108 links is held together by 107 joints, the number of marmas, or weak spots, in the body according to the Ayurvedic way.
  • The 108 sacred meridians points on the human body in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • The 108 Karanas of dance, with 108 movements.
  • The Chinese, very aware of the esoteric and the use of this same symbolism employed it also in their various systems, Taoist and Buddhist. The Yang style form with 108 moves is an example.
  • The 108 stations a candidate had to go through to leave the temple, the 108 steps through danger and death, which also signifies the level of the spiritual adept who must overcome on the spiritual planes the 108 intermediate regions of danger and trial.
  • The distance between the earth and sun = 108 times the diameter of the sun.
  • Distance between the earth and the moon = 108 times the moon's diameter
  • The diameter of the sun = 108 times the diameter of the earth.

Lastly and most importantly, the beads represent, in a simple yet powerful way, the ideas of karma and reincarnation--a rarely disclosed fact. The thread that the beads are strung upon symbolizes the Sutratma, the Spirit or Thread Soul. This is the reincarnating Ego, our true Self, that dons a new garment, a new personality for each lifetime. Each bead strung on the thread is one of those lives that has served its purpose in the evolution of the Higher Self, our God within. We are supposed to join with that inner divinity by building a bridge, called Antahkarana, through meditation and other disciplines......this
is enlightenment.
Mary Jane

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Getting Quiet

Meditation ~ Getting Quiet

Meditation is very difficult.  To quiet the mind for even a few seconds is challenging let alone for 30 minutes. So why even do it? Meditation is not only a healthy practice but an access point to our higher self where we can access guidance from our spirit guides.  Sounds like a worthwhile practice to me.

Where to begin:

The best way to begin meditating it to commit to a few minutes a day, preferable in the morning, to sit and just be silent. Your mind will begin to race but just try to acknowledge the thoughts that float in and allow them to pass. It’s helpful to use your breath to move pass these active thoughts. The louder the breath the better, as the sound becomes a mantra for your focus.


Make sure you do whatever it takes to be comfortable in your meditation.  An erect spine and open chest is best for effective meditation.  However, this is easier said than done.  It’s not easy to sit in an erect position without some part of your body beginning to speak up.  Following these simple tips on staying comfortable will go a long way for your meditation practice.

1.       Use props to support your hips, low back, knees or whatever area you need assistance with.

2.       Make sure your hips are at least 3 inches higher than your knees.

3.       Sit in a chair if the floor is too difficult.

4.       Prop your back against a wall to maintain posture.

The important thing here is to do what it takes to be comfortable so your focus is on the breath and meditation rather than an uncomfortable hip, back or knee.  Whatever prop you choose just stick to a routine so you develop a habit for a meditation practice.
Simple Mantra:
Sometimes something as simple as the sound mantra for the breath or "So Hum" can be a very effective meditation technique. Simply repeat the sound of "So" on your inhalation and the sound of "Hum" on your exhalation. Repeat the cycle breath mantra for several minutes to quiet the mind and ease your focus inward.
I suggest using this simple technique to get the meditation process moving forward. Once you have developed a routine there are many other meditation techniques you can delve into. Let's save those for another blog.
Happy Meditating!
Mary Jane



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