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Improve Health and Radiance

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Improve Health and Radiance
Opening the Root Chakra

This week BSA discusses how to Improve Health and Radiance by grounding the root chakra. In yoga, there are 7 chakras or energy vortexes that we focus on in the body. By aligning these chakras we can improve health and radiance.
Improve Health and Radiance

In yoga, there are seven chakras, or energy vortexes that we focus on in the body. The root chakra known in Sanskrit as Muladhara, is located at the base of the spine. It consists of energy paths that extend downward like a root through the legs and feet, grounding you to the earth. By awakening this chakra you can improve your health and radiance as well as self-esteem and feelings of security.

Steps to Opening the Root Chakra:

Before you try to open any of the chakras it is best to get into a meditatiive state. The reason why is you are able to focus and concentrate better. You can sit down or lie down just as long as the spine is flat. Then you want to focus in on your breath for at least 15 minutes. Try to avoid judging yourself or the flow of your breath. Just let it flow naturally. Once you feel relaxed and your muscles appear to also be relaxed you can proceed to the opening of the root chakra.


The color of this chakra is red. If you are not grounded then this chakra is likely closed and not functioning properly. To be grounded is to be really here and present, and to be unshakeable. To open this chakra place your hand just above the pelvic region and visualize a red flower that is closed. Slowly visualize a bright red light streaming into this area to energize it. Once it feels energized then imagine the red flower slowly opening. Take your time in the visualization process. Don't force or rush the meditation as that can only cause more issues when it comes to feeling secure in life.

Mantra And Hand Mudra
The sound vibration for the root chakra is LUM sometimes spelled LAM. Come to a seated position and rest the backs of your palms against your knees. Connect your index finger and thumb together (Gian Mudra) on both hands and close your eyes. Imagine a familiar tree and you become that tree. Allow your torso to be the trunk and you are growing roots from your feet through the center of the earth. Feel and smell the fertile soil surrounding you.  Deepen the breath and chant the sound (LUM). As you chant the sound mantra squeeze the root lock (peritenium). On the exhalation continue to engage this area and then release. Repeat this breath chant with hold for several minutes. When you finish this meditation feel tall and strong and well rooted into the earth.

Feng Shui Tip For The Week:
Check your southeast portent closely for any clutter, broken items or activating devices such as wind chimes, mobiles or water fountains. The Dragon energy is rising now and combined with the 5 yellow problematic star for the year 2012 and the Grand Duke position makes eldest female vulnerable with hips, thighs and pelvic area. Remove activating devices, clear out any clutter and avoid any major renovations here. Add broanze metal element here and keep the area quiet.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Pracice by the Dalai Lama

 Practice for the New Millennium by the Dalai Lama
The Practice:

1. Spend 5 minutes at the beginning of each day remembering
we all want the same things (to be happy and be loved)
and we are all connected to one another.

2. Spend 5 minutes breathing in, cherishing yourself; and, breathing out
cherishing others. If you think about people you have difficulty cherishing,
extend your cherishing to them anyway.

3. During the day extend that attitude to everyone you meet.
Practice cherishing the "simplest" person (clerks, attendants, etc)
or people you dislike.

4. Continue this practice no matter what happens or what anyone does to you.

These thoughts are very simple, inspiring and helpful.
The practice of cherishing can be taken very deeply if done wordlessly,
allowing yourself to feel the love and appreciation that
already exists in your heart.
Enjoy your day!
Mary Jane - Feng Shui Master & Yogi

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