Monday, September 17, 2018

Sutra Focus for Yoga Your Yoga Practice

Sutra 52 Tatah ksiyate prakasavaranam, essentially talks about how the practice of pranayama and how it destroys the veil that covers the inner Light. The light within (Prakasa), is covered by the veil of mental darkness. Mental darkness is the mind chatter or illusions we create. How are we to remove the veil? By pulling the threads out, one by one, until it exists no more.

The mind is a veil woven of thoughts. It has no substance by itself. If we pull the thoughts out one after another, when they have all been removed, there is no mind left. It is like a heap of sugar. If we remove each grain of sugar, one after another, the heap no longer exists, only the sugar. Wood arranged in various ways, gets called different things; chair, table, bench or firewood. Different appearances get different names. But it is only the appearance that changes; the basis can never be destroyed. Our basis is the Self. As long as we identify with the body or mind we feel we are mortal. Pranayama indirectly helps is to understand the Oneness, the never-changing One, because it removes the veil.

Pranayama is an easy practice. Set aside a few minutes each day and simply breath. There are many different methods of pranayama, but one simple yet highly effective method is take a 4-count in breath to an 8-count out breath. Notice the difference after a few minutes of breathing in this format how you feel. Perhaps a bit lighter, softer and more centered.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Exploring Sutra 41 Sattvasuddhi

Exploring sutra 41 Sattvasuddhi, breaks down as follows: One gains purity and cheerfulness of the mind when one is able to master the senses for self-realization. Essentially, you must understand the body, then the heart is purified. When the heart is pure, you are always happy. Concentration of the mind comes automatically without even trying. Only an impure mind is chaotic, forcing you to bring it back again to a state of peace. All the senses can be controlled, and then self-realization can occur. One must understand the first niyama, purity. When one is pure in thought and word, peace of mind automatically occurs. It is rather simple, yet the ego never wants to accept things easily. Try for just one day to be absolutely pure and honest. According to Patanjali you will be tempted to repeat the experiment again and again.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Devotion Can Shape Your Life

Photo by Mary Jane Kasliner

Today, Yoga 365 discusses how devotion can shape your life. What is devotion? Is it a feeling, an act? It's up to you to discover exactly what it means to you. Essentially, when we are devoted to someone or something, we move through our life with them in our heart and mind. There is a deep reverence and love. We feel inspired and blessed knowing we are devoted to something in our life.

The feeling of devotion directs our actions, our behavior and words. It helps us to decide what is important in life and the types of decisions we make. Devotion has a way of connecting us to something greater than ourselves. Today, think about who or what you are devoted to and how that devotion shapes your life.


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