Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's Really Important?

 What's Really Important

From the best selling book Don't Sweat The Small Stuff, chapter 94 addresses the issue of getting to know what is really important. It's very easy to become easily overwhelmed in daily responsibilities and be tempted to postpone what is most important in life. One of the author's recommendations is to keep asking yourself, "What's really important?"

What I find to be helpful is to start each day with meditation. This is a reminder for me that peace of mind, body and spirit comes first. Despite the multitude of responsibilities that may be on my schedule for the day, I know I have a choice to place my focus on keeping myself in alignment so I can do a better job for what lies ahead.

By taking the time each day to figure out what is really important to you in life and focusing your greatest amount of energy towards that will make a big difference in how you experience life. You will actually become more present-moment oriented and that will naturally reduce stress. 

If you take just a few minutes each day to check in with yourself to ask what really is important you may find that all along you have been in conflict with what is important to you. By taking two steps back and becoming more present-oriented you will effectively reduce stress and be happier with how your day unfolds.

Mary Jane Kasliner ~ Feng Shui Master & Yogi

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Profound Benefits of Meditation


The practice of meditation has been around since the dawn of the age of man. How is it that possible? Most likely because there is nothing else that bestows the many blessings that meditation brings. Below are just a few of the many benefits this ancient practice can bring about.

1.Peace: With daily meditation a profound sense of peace overcomes your mind, body and spirit. There is nothing like a quiet mind. Letting go of all the chatter can have a profound impact on your life.

2. Wisdom: Meditation naturally opens up the channels of higher self giving rise to intuition and wisdom.

3. Happiness: Through meditation the outer layers of the false self strip away so your true identity can shine forth.You can let go of the ego and just be you.This is very liberating and brings about an overwhelming sense of joy.

4. Compassion: Through meditation you will discover the interconnected nature of all things and that includes people. You will no longer feel separate from others. This leads to love, compassion and a dramatic improvement of relationships.

5. Health: Meditation reduces stress as it forces you to live in the present moment so anxiety and worry fade to the background. This natural state of relaxed awareness makes you feel stronger and healthier and better able to fight off illness.

6. Improved Thinking: Meditation naturally quiets the mind so you can focus and think better. You'll find your problem solving abilities to improve dramatically.

7. Discover Your Soul's Mission: As you let go of the ego-self you will find out who you really are and this will give you insight into what you really love in life. That of course is the secret to mastering the art of living.

8. Improved Intuition & Psychic Ability: Practicing meditation and yoga naturally awakens the dormant areas of the brain. There is a heightened awareness to intuition and psychic energy that can be used constructively to help others and oneself on the spiritual path.

9. Magnificence: Meditation naturally brings on the characteristics of charisma, confidence, courage and balance. It's as if your heart is singing an opera. It's magnificent.

10. Enlightenment: This is the ultimate meaning behind meditation. To understand the non-dual nature of reality and to realize we are all divine and one with God.

Om Shanti ~ Mary Jane
BSA Feng Shui and Yoga

Friday, May 11, 2012

Six Steps to Finding Inner Harmony

 Butchart Garden ~ BC

Finding inner harmony is something we all desire. So how can we find peace within? Here are six simple ways to find that inner sanctuary.

1. Find a quiet place. Many times this can be difficult unless you live out in the country so make the best of what you have already.

2. Find a comfortable position. Whether you are lying down and gazing up at the sky or sitting comfortably in a chair, just be sure your posture doesn't interrupt your breath.

3. Connect with your senses. This is the time to tune into the ambient sounds of nature that surround you. Notice the gentle breeze that crosses your body, the warmth of the sun, the scent of flowers wafting and birds singing. This is a time to become fully aware of the beauty of nature.

4. Be at peace. Connect with your breath and the natural vibration of the universe. Really take in this tranquil feeling.

5. Look within and accept. This is your true spirit and nature. It is honesty and integrity at its best. This is the time to let go of the ego-mind and let your spirit shine through.

6. Interact with Mother Nature. Touch and feel the plants, trees and the ground. Connect to the spirit of nature with your own spirit. Feel free to talk to the plants and animals that surround you. Connecting your soul with the soul of Mother Nature is powerful and energizing.

The above steps are very simple to do and yet they can have such a profound effect on your life. Take time everyday to engage with Mother Nature and you will find inner harmony.


Mary Jane Kasliner ~ Feng Shui Master & Yogi

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