Thursday, February 21, 2019

Consciously Choosing the Seat You Assume

Yoga is consciously choosing the seat you assume. This is not only the posture you choose, but implies every position in life you find yourself. Yoga becomes a practice on and off the mat impacting the choices you make so that the consequences are success and happiness. 

As humans, we have a built in mechanism when it comes to making choices in our life, which is following our intuition and the signals of comfort and discomfort that your body generates as a result of these choices. This in essence is the law of karma, which utilizes body awareness to make karmically correct choices.

Practicing yoga postures enhancing the mind-body integration. In other words, yoga postures enables you to be more aware of the signals your body is sending you. By and large, our minds are very busy and miss this important data. The practice of yoga helps to quiet the mind so you can pay closer attention to your body messages. The increase in body awareness enhances your general level of emotional and physical comfort that acts as a gauge for right action. 

Take time to practice yoga postures. Remain fully present as you move through your practice. Allow yourself to move through your body's resistance. Ultimately you will begin to mobilize the energy in the body. Energy that moves freely and smoothly impacts movement of thought as well as the movement of air, the movement of muscles, blood and elimination. On a cellular level, the movement of DNA molecules, hormones and other physiological aspects in the body. Health is the result when energy is moving harmoniously.

As you continue to move the energy in your body you'll naturally want to move the energy in your environment. You'll notice where there is clutter blocking natural flow and remove it. Any stagnant areas in you home will be suddenly noticeable and you'll be compelled to liven them up with proper lighting or vibrant plant. Your body is an extension of your environment. The two are constantly interacting and feeding off one another. What you do to one you will ultimately do to the other. 

Mary Jane
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