Monday, November 1, 2010

AARP - Are You Kidding Me?

You are probably wondering right now what this blog is all about and I don't blame you. I mean last you heard from me I was still singing the sour note of my refrigerator dilemma, which by the way is still unresolved, but more about that saga in my next blog.

Hmm, where to begin? The other day I decided to take my daily stroll to the mailbox and retrieve what the US Postal Service delivered for yours truly. I take the mail, stick it under my arm, and proceed back to the house to begin the sorting process. Yes, there is no waiting to go through mail in this house. Organization is the first rule of thumb when it comes to the SHUI. So here I am sorting away and all of a sudden I see this envelope with big red lettering "AARP" with my name on it. My husband, who happened to be right along side me, raises his eyebrows while nonchalantly trying to hold back the laughter. I'm thinking...okay, which one of my siblings is playing a joke on me. No such luck. As I open the envelope it is for real! Apparently by age 50 you are considered a candidate for AARP - Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons. Hey Mr. President...I'm only 49!

I'm sure any of my siblings reading this blog right now are on the floor rolling around from laughter. You see, the nickname for my husband and myself in the family is "The Retirees." Why? Well, let's just say we like to travel from time-to-time and act as though we are retired. I suppose it didn't help matters when my father invited us to a golf outing this past summer and we were the youngest ones by 40 years. I guess the word is out, or perhaps just the energy, that I attracted that AARP document right to myself. I'm just waiting for my husband to get his, but I guess that is a few years away for him.

After thoroughly cutting up the cards - yes there were 2 cards in case I lose one, I run to look in the mirror and check out if any new wrinkles have suddenly appeared on my face. Whew! I take a breath and decide it must be all that yoga that is keeping me looking younger than my 49 years.

From a feng shui perspective I think it's time to activate my southwest portent. That is the area for relationships in life. Time to add more earthy elements and few photos of younger people. Maybe that will work.

What's some of your daily frustrations? Feel free to comment them in and let me have a feng shui and yoga crack at it.

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  1. Hilarious! Still can't find that job I'm looking for. Doors aren't opening. Computer recently blew up while Mercury was in Retrograde. The newly purchased one came with Word 2010. Sent out resumes for some great jobs. No response! Why? Word 2010 is not compatible with older computers. Nobody could open my resume. Result? Big delete. Help me shui these problems away.


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