The Party Island

Have you ever found yourself at a party where you just didn't know anyone? The other night my husband and I were at a party where we only knew the guest of honor and of course each other. The obvious first move was to secure a drink; and so we did. With drink in hand and lights turned up unusually high, we found ourselves scanning the room for any familiar faces...To no avail. We both just looked at each other and knew we had to come up with something or it was going to be a LONG night.

We began to busy ourselves in idol chit chat trying to look like we fit in. It was at this time the two of us glanced up at the clock and saw only 15 minutes had passed. How were we going to mange this Party Island for several hours?

The food was finally served. Great! I'm thinking, this will eat some time up. No pun intended here. No such luck. I guess we are fast eaters because it was barely 9pm and we were done. Now what? "I've got it," I said to my husband. Remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry and Elaine are faking a conversation, using hand gestures and facial expression to act as if they are in deep dialogue but in actuality they are talking about nothing? The two us just starting cracking up. And so there we went. The Italian hands were in motion - up, down, to the sides..I'm talking ever which way. The facial expressions were beyond belief that I think for a brief moment the other guest were actually jealous of how much fun were were having. And fun it was. The next thing I knew we had actually attracted a few people our way and started a conversation that ended up lasting over 2 hours. We left the party that night actually having a really good time.

So what's the karmic lesson here? You can always turn things around for the better if you stop and take two steps back and reevaluate the situation. The choice is always in our hands and the outcome is too.

Let's hear about some of your Party Island experiences! Om Shant...


  1. Hmmmm.... forfunately I DO NOT EVER enter the ZONE of "Party Island".... Don't know if It is the Gemini or the Artist in me one of the two.... Frank is often mortified by my gift of gab.... Toll collecters.... I stop and talk to... hence easy pass for my birthday..... Asian 90 year old woman in the middle of Boston Commons.... I'm meeting later for dinner..... My motto is besides the adult A.D.D.... "F"-it.... If you make a fool of yourself your never going to see these people again so put yourself out there!!! Hence I will be sending a Christmas card to the Man who delivered Frankies new bedroom set! Don't think I would be married to your brother today if I didn't go up to him.... in fact I don't think anyone would have married me for that matter.... ;) annie g


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