9 Clearing Cycles - A Seven Minute Daily Breathing Practice

This is a breathing practice you'll be glad to engage in on a daily basis. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position and elongating the spine. Close off the right nostril and slowly inhale and exhale through the left nostril 5 times, allowing 5 seconds for each in breath and 5 seconds for each out breath. Then close the left nostril, and take 5 slow through the right nostril. Now you begin the 9 clearing rounds. Close the right nostril and through the left nostril allow a slow inhalation followed by a slow exhalation. Then breath in slowly again followed by a brisk exhalation. These 4 breaths make up one round. Do three rounds. After three rounds on the left, close the left nostril and complete three rounds through the right. Remember, the rhythm of each round is in slow, out slow, in slow, out fast. After three rounds through both the right and left, repeat the same thing through both nostrils together for 3 rounds. This makes up the 9 clearing cycles. While you exhale on the left side, imagine you are letting go of your greed. While you are exhaling on the right side, you can aspire to release all of your hatred.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl


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