Monday, January 29, 2018

Lunar Eclipse and Moving Inward

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A lunar eclipse is a powerful astronomical event. On January 31st, we will experience such an event considered to be a Blue Moon. This is the second full moon for this month. During eclipse, it is as though nature is turning inward. If we take this out to our yoga practice, it is a perfect time to turn inward with meditation. It is a time to discover the inner workings of self awareness and the spirit side of things.

Pratyahara, the fifth limb of yoga, signifies the withdrawal of the senses—turning the consciousness inward to release external stimuli. This can be done through the practice of pranayama. Simply focusing on your inhales and exhales will begin to quiet your mind and the outside world. Another technique is visualization, which can quiet external stimuli. You might visualize a vast landscape, like an ocean or a field. The absence of details in these kinds of scenes will help you from becoming distracted. Beginning your meditation in a quiet place will also allow you to move into pratyahara more quickly.

Pratyahara isn’t just good for your yoga practice. It’s a useful skill that will influence your whole life. The world around us tends to be over-stimulating, we easily slip into noise, distraction and the lure of media and technology. Let the full moon experience pull you inward so you can experience the true network of your being.

This comes at a perfect time as the solar new year, a point between the winter solstice and vernal equinox is also upon us. Refer to my blog that covers a three part series on how to prepare for this new year ahead!

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