Thursday, December 9, 2010

Honey, How Does This Look?

It's holiday time and that means extra spending on gifts, food, new outfits for those parties to attend, and an array of all sorts of "To Do's." One of the biggest concerns for us females is what to wear to all the festivities. We need to know if we look good and guess who has to answer that question. That's right...the men in our lives. So this blog is for all you men out there that really could care less what we are wearing as long as it is something you can pull off later on. It goes something like this...

"Babe - what do you think if I wear this shirt with these pants? Or, what about this sweater with this skirt? Or, should I wear these shoes or maybe the boots...Do these earrings look good with this necklace?..." And of course this dress rehearsal always comes during the middle of some big football game on TV. I know all the men out there are grinning from ear to ear right now because you have all experienced this conversation before.

I'm pretty sure ladies if we were to jump inside their heads while we are on our own private fashion runway it would sound something this: Wah wah woh wahhhhh! You know, Charlie Brown's teacher Mrs. Donovan. Let's face it ladies, we could care less what we are wearing for our husband's. In fact, we are dressing for each other. Just maybe this one time the men in our life are right. Maybe we are a bit crazy and overly concerned about everything. I think this karmic cure goes out for both parties here. Guys, you deserve a fashion break so go ahead grab that remote, take a deep yogic breath, and relax. Ladies, our karmic cure is more involved. We need to meditate for a few hours on how good we look no matter what we are wearing and just for good measure... do 10 sun salutations.

Om Shanti ~ And many blessings for a wonderful Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year!

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  1. Right on MJ....I bet our husband's can't begin to describe our wedding dress yet we know every detail of what we wore that day!!!! xo, Merge


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