Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Someone Get Me A Map of Louisiana!

In the movie "The Firm," the actor Ed Harris portrays FBI agent Wayne Terrance. After making an underhanded deal with Tom Cruise who plays Mitch McDeer, to release his brother Ray from prison, he finds himself outsmarted by the prisoner when he moves under the FBI radar and gets away. It is at that moment when Wayne Terrance screams; "Someone get me a map of Louisiana!" Okay, all you ladies out there we know this is unusual male behavior. Men, by and large, never ask for a map. Let me fill you in for a moment of a perfect case and point. The other night my husband and I were on our way out to meet friends at a restaurant about 40 minutes from where we live. Neither of us had ever been to this restaurant and so directions were unfamiliar. Even though we have a navigation system, my husband felt no need to plug it in. There we were driving away to what I thought our final destination point, when all of a sudden he takes the wrong turn. Okay, no big deal, we'll just plug in that trusty navigation system and right the wrong and be there in no time. WRONG! My husband had a better idea - just keep driving.

After 15 minutes of driving in circles he screams out, "Will someone get me a map of Louisiana!" The two of us started laughing so hard that he had to pull off the roadway. For a moment I thought to myself..."Could it be possible that he will plug in the navigation system now?" Turns out I was able to persuade him to rely on the navigation system and within minutes we arrived at our destination point.

It is the little frustrations in life that can send us reeling out of control. BUT...If we remember to stop, take a breath, and look at the situation from the IN-side OUT, it usually is pretty funny. Hence, my husband screaming; "Will someone get me a map of Louisiana!" This one-liner from a great movie brought laughter to a situation that very easily could have turned into a yelling match. So keep breathing and keep laughing! Om Shanti...

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