Monday, September 9, 2019

Take Time Be Happy

     Do you actually make time in your schedule to slow down and take notice of all the beauty in this world? It's important to pause and take in the scenery. Smell it, touch it, absorb it, and feel the beauty you see. Then, thank the universe for providing such beauty.

     It is also important to take time to appreciate your work, your creations, and your life. Look around; then look again. Take note of your blessings and the beauty you see in your own life. Can you share this beauty with others?

     Opening up to the world is like opening up to yourself. It allows you to grow, learn, and appreciate everything. It is a way to fuel your soul, as it is nurtured by the pleasures of this world.

     The second limb of yoga, the niyama santosha is to be satisfied with what is. To be happy and delighted with the world around you just as it is. You can think of it as a present-moment acceptance. It's the ability to open up to the world around you and within you. Albeit can be tricky, as many times the narrative we create can be a limiting one.

     Contentment arrives when wholeness comes from within. It has nothing to do with your possessions or by the different hats you where to navigate through your daily responsibilities. Taking that route only leads to endless ways to try and fill the emptiness inside. Experiencing santosha and being happy is to sense your own goodness and the goodness that the universe surrounds you with.

     Letting go of the past and expectations for the future is the pathway to happiness. Once you experience this delight, you may find your are more patient with yourself and can accept and acknowledge your gifts.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl:



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