Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Crow - The Path of the Yogi

Crow reflects the path of the yogi and the following conclusions:

  •  It begins with the realization that we often forget our divine nature which causes us to suffer. 
  •  There is ignorance of death thinking it only happens to others.
  •  The true path lies within following those who have self-actualized.
  •  The self realized person is the happy person in this world free from attachments and constraints.
Steps to crow pose:

  •  Get into a deep yoga squat such as malasana (garland pose) with your arms between our knees.
  •  Plant your hands on the ground shoulder width apart elbows pulled in near sides of your body.
  •  Pull shoulders away from ears and transition to balls of feet, lifting your butt into the air.
  •  Walk your feet in closer to your body, until you fit your knees into the spaces created from your armpits.
  •  Shift your weight forward towards your fingertips and float your toes into the air.
  •  Keep your gaze directed at the mat and aim to hold the pose for a few seconds, gradually adding time as your body grows stronger.
The next time you move into crow pose realize your divine nature and let go of constraints that only move you from the inner journey. Focus on your breath and allow it to navigate you through the pose and the moment.


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