Pure Abundance Blows in With The Wind

Pure Abundance Blows in With The Wind!

Pure Abundance!

Welcome to Body Space Alignment Newsletter. The Feng Shui month began on September 8th and will go to October 8th. It is a time when the wind picks up and the temperature fluctuates between a hot summers day and a chill in the air.  We are in the center of a transition between late summer and early fall.  The element of earth acts as the mediator during this transition period as it prepares to give birth to its child of metal. The air quality (vata) is also beginning to rise this month. It represents movement, change and a creative mind.

The energetic combination between the loshu number 4 that flows with the wind, the grounding forces of transition earth, metal birthing with the creativity of a child's imagination, and vata moving and churning up the waves of change,  will prove to be an exceptional month for Pure Abundance! 

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane

Pure Abundance: Xun or the Loshu number 4 relocates its energy to the center of the loshu grid this month. Xun has the energetic qualities of pure abundance, movement in the form of wind, literary expertise, receptivity, and the ability to communicate ideas effectively. 
When you step into the energetic field of pure abundance, it is evident that everything you have ever desired is close at hand. This is truly the concept of the Law of Attraction. That which you visualize this month comes to fruition.

To Call it Forth, set your intention, visualize every aspect of it, and allow the winds to blow fortune into your life. Be a part of this abundance by reaching within yourself. Navigate the stories you collect in your mind with a sense of ease and then IGNORE them! It's the stories you create that holds you back from attaining what is rightfully yours. If you train yourself to disregard your stories, and the stories of others, you will reveal your authentic self and the true nature of others.

Once you are willing to do what it takes to hone your gifts and talents, make wise decisions, and live in gratitude; the world is your oyster. Pure abundance is activated by gratitude. Gratitude is another way of saying your are happy and content. This follows the second limb of yoga or the Niyama Santosha. Read more here about contentment.

You Are a Channel of abundant energy. It moves through you, around you, and swirls before you. If you can't see it clear your vision by clearing your environment. In fact, once you clear your surroundings, you will automatically breathe better. Breathing better means a clearer mind-set. The mind layer (Manomaya Kosha) is directly linked to the physical layer (Anamaya Kosha), by way of the breath (Pranamaya Kosha). Hence, BREATHE and your mind and body will relax!

Live Your Life fully and abundantly with all your blessings. Show gratitude and the ever-evolving cosmic consciousness will reward you ten-fold. All exists inside your reach. Dance the Dance with Abundance!

The element of earth is the transition element between seasons. The grounding effects are essential as wind,  air (vata), and metal rise. Metal, air and wind are qualities of the ethers. Therefore, the solid ground of mother earth offers the mind and body something to be tethered to.

To Remain Grounded it is essential to activate the root base through grounding practices such as Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong. Spending time outdoors sitting or walking upon the earth also bodes well. Walking a labyrinth is a perfect way to ground the mind and body while the air and wind spirals you down the path of change.

Repeating a Simple Mantra like So Ham is another way to get grounded. The mantra So ham is the natural sound of the breath - your inhale making the sound So and your exhale making the sound Ham. Read more here...

Yoga Poses that stimulate the lungs and large intestines are also favorable this month with metal chi on the rise. Poses such as bridge, cobra, wheel, upward facing dog, and triangle all stimulate the lungs while gate, seated spinal twist, reclining twist, and supported bridge activate the large intestines.

Be Creative this month like that of a child at play. Think about what makes your heart sing and then let it SING! Whatever your favorite pass time is explore, and then explore some more. A large part of manifesting abundance is being creative. Think outside the box and see what comes up. You may just surprise yourself at what you really are yearning for.

Food Choices this month should include mostly earth foods. This will stabilize the otherwise moving chi of wind and air (vata) dosha.

Earth foods include the following:

And for you carnivores... Beef, turkey and veal

Other Areas of Awareness This Month:
  •  Spend time with family 
  •  Stomach upset/virus especially for eldest male
  •  Lots of movement with finances - make wise decisions
  •  Resources are directly linked with goal-setting this month
  •  Plan for long-term partnership with like-minded people
  •  Keep travel plans open and double check your arrangements
  •  Networking and contracts should be closely scruntinized
  •  Career advancement is directly linked to your goals and visions this month
  •  Rely on your intuition especially during meditation practice

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