Thursday, September 19, 2019

Open Your Heart

Andrea - Opening Her Heart!

It's not easy to open your heart and move through the world in an open-hearted way. You need to trust and feel secure in your own personal power to recognize that you have the ability to support yourself in body, mind, and heart. 

Wheel pose is a deep backbend. The closer the hands to the feet, the body resembles a wheel or circle. This circle represent the completion of our internal energy circuit, which begins at the energy center that is located at the base of the spine and ends at the energy center at the crown of the head.

Discovering the Wheels of Energy:

During the fifth century, a group of renegade yogis, known as the Nath yogis, were among the first people to systemize and document the importance and function of the chakras in our bodies. They found that if they used their bodies to perform asanas, pranayama, specific mudras, and deep, inner listening, they could more easily achieve yogic powers. The Nath yogis defined and perfected what we know today as Hatha yoga. 

We think of the chakras as states of consciousness. As our consciousness ascends, we get closer and closer to the state of yoga. As we practice the asanas and begin to energize or balance these centers, we feel the effect that each has on our lives. The chakras offer a key to what the body is trying to communicate. They help us address issues that come up in our practice.

Wheel is the embodiment of opening the heart and turning the body like a wheel generating energy from the root to the crown. It demonstrates that when you trust your body to support you, it can lift you up!

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