The Holistic Value of Handstand

Yoga handstand, Adho Mukha Vrksasana, is one of the more challenging arm balances. It requires strength, stability, and a daringness to root through the hands to support the body. It is a pose worth the try for the amazing health benefits it offers.


There are various ways to enter this pose including using the assistance of a wall. The method I prefer is to begin in downward facing dog. Walk the feet closer to the hands, shoulders over the wrists in alignment with the middle fingers pointing forward, palms spread out with weight evenly distributed through the fingers.

Lift one leg keeping the other leg bent, and hop off the supported bent leg extending your legs to the sky. Squeeze the heels, thighs and shoulder blades together. Lengthen through the arms for strength. With time and strength, you can hop from downward facing dog with both legs connected and rise up.

Practically the entire body is active and engaged when in handstand. The breath is the main area of focus as it usually difficult to breathe because deep breaths disrupt the balance and stability of the pose. This is especially so for beginners as the tendency is to hold the breath.


It's important to support yourself with the safety-net of a wall first. It is also import to have an exit strategy whether tucking your head and rolling out or rotate and cartwheel out of the pose. If your are pregnant, have high blood pressure or have any shoulder, wrist or neck issues, you should avoid this pose.


Rooting the hands into the mat challenges the body's equilibrium while reversing the effects of gravity or shortening of the spine. Reversing blood flow assists in improved circulation for the lower extremities and the upper region of the body, specifically the head and neck. Handstand also improves upper body strength and improves the integrity of internal organs.

Mentally, the mind feels energized. There is a boost in confidence and the ability to focus and attune the body and mind. Increase blood flow to the brain can also ease depression and anxiety.

Spiritually, handstand provides a connection to the chakras as the spine lengthens and chest broadens there is a natural gateway of energy from the lower chakras to the more refined upper chakras. Practicing headstand is a way to connect to cosmic self - your higher state of being. This connection opens the flow to Divine awareness and state of Oneness.

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