Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Expand, Grow and Trust!

Expand, Grow and Trust!

     The month of October is about growing, expanding and trusting yourself.  This week in particular, growth and expansion is magnified. That's because the moon enters a waxing gibbous phase in combination with the trigram zhen entering the center of the loshu.

     When the moon enters this phase, there is opportunity to break free of anything that is binding you from completing your goal. Keep your mind's eye open and forge ahead in manifesting the end result of your efforts. Opportunities will arise. Trust your instincts, gather information and be straight forward with your response.

     Integrity is also top of the list for this month. The Dog month (October), in Chinese Astrology elevates the level of honesty, loyalty and trust. Therefore, these are qualities to look for in others and, more importantly, in yourself. Being forthright in your actions and words in your relationships is productive this month especially when it comes to business dealings. 

     There is plenty of abundance to go around as resources are readily available.  Trust you have the ability to influence those in decision-making positions. Keep your aspirations to yourself and be patient and modest when serving others.

     The movement and change brought about by the dosha vata (air/space), adds to the growth process. This element however does need root so you don't feel flighty. The best way to anchor movement of air is to ground through the earth. Make it a point to spend time in earth directions such as the northeast or southwest. Plan on daily meditation or chanting mantras. The sound vibration of chanting aligns perfectly to the throat chakra (vishuddha) and the element of air. The grounding effects of this practice builds trust and clarity.

Loshu Movement:

The loshu grid (workings of the universe), continually flows. This month the triram Zhen (loshu 3), takes residence in the central point. As all things in the universe are driven from the center, then this trigram powers the entire grid. In the process, the remaining trigrams shift from their home-base postions to another house. How does that impact YOU? From a generalized perspective the following are energy vibrations to bare in mind as you navigate through the month of October.

  •  Family, growth and expanding your horizons are forefront this month. Engaging with family for dinner or weekend entertainment is beneficial. Seeking new perspective with business or growth opportunity is essential. Consider where you can branch out and move upwards just as trees do in nature. Feet, legs and neck are vulnerable this month with 3 Zhen expending its energy in the earth position. This is especially so for males.
  •  Family connection bodes well for career opportunity this month. There is a natural flow between long-term venture and family. This is especially so for male lineage. Organized plan of action is essential for this to fly.
  •  Some resistance in financial dealings this month that literally can cause stomach upset and especially for female. Keep your daily finances in order. Double check your ledger and be clear as to where your money is going.
  •  Creative marketing and sales for business owners is stifled this month. Appeal to clients with a more grounding approach. This will let potential clients feel centered and clear about in their decision-making process. Watch for teeth sensitivity especially to temperature hot foods and liquids. Trust me, I took a pasta noodle directly out of the boiling water to taste it and I felt a shoorting pain in my molar. Of course this was a few days ago prior to preparing this report. And wouldn't you know, there are two sectors in the loshu that show aggravation of teeth! 
  •  Travel in order this month and especially for eldest daughter. There is connection to mentors and helpful people during this excursion. Older male can place pressure on younger female, but nothing that good communication can't fix. Right hip is vulnerable this month and especially the outer aspect of the hip (IT band insertion). Inflammation is likely, so ice it up!.
  •  In sticking with the theme of growth, expansion and trust, finances and resources soar in career. Get yourself noticed and the universe will take care of the rest! Left hand and wrist is vulnerable this month.
  •  Meditation allows you to tap in to higher consciousness. Help is available on the other side of the veil. The assistance of vata (air/space) connects you naturally to the heavenly realm.
*For personal assessment of this energy email me directly!

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl

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