Ignite the FIre - Agnistambhasana

Agnistambhasana - Fire Log Pose - 9:30 AM Yin/Yang Fusion Thompson Park

     In the Rig Veda, fire is personified as Agni, which means to ignite. Agni is said to be present in the fire of the sun, the stars and lightening. The ritual of building a fireplace was the center of Vedic civilization. Fire is the agent of transformation and portal between the worlds, where prayers and intentions could pass from the earth to heaven and blessings could descend from heaven to earth all through the medium of fire (Agni) and its logs (Stambha).

     The Himalayan tradition teaches the path of agni vidya, the understanding that our own bodies are vehicles of liberation. From this perspective, the body is a living alter of the sacred fire, and the physical world contains all the tools and means that we need to discover heaven. 

     Our yoga practice is a process that requires patience, just as it requires patience to build a good fire. The foundation must be firm yet receptive to what comes next, logs and kindling so the fire can burn brightly just as your mat and props serve to transform your mind and body to reveal your spirit. Think about how your practice may be influenced if you approach each session as a sacred offering and an opportunity for transformation.

     While in this pose, think about the sacrifices you make for the sake of your practice. How do you feel that your practice is transforming you? Note what comes to mind and then apply it to your life experience.

Mary Jane Kasliner
Feng Shui Ygoa Girl - www.fengshuiyoganj.com


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