The Waxing Gibbous Moon

Waxing Gibbous Moon

     The gibbous moon this week is waxing towards its ultimate full moon status. During this phase, it is beneficial to focus on expansion and growth. This is an opportunity to apply it to areas of your life you feel stuck. You can focus on releasing the binds that may have taken hold over the past few months. 

     Take advantage of opportunities that present. Listen, look and feel with your intuition and then forge ahead. This is a powerful phase of the moon for the manifesting process, the moon is not fully illuminated, which means it can take a little bit of time for your accomplishments to come to full fruition. Don't let that stop you however. Instead, hone in on the details of unfinished goals or projects in process. Concentrate on that final push for you to reach your end result.

Ardha Chandrasana: Half Moon Pose - To Ardha Chandra Chapasana

     As the light grows in the night sky from the waxing gibbous moon, so does our creative energy. Half moon pose cultivates confidence, strength and balance. Take up space in this pose and let the universe hold your back!

Simple Steps:

     Start in mountain pose, Tadasana, and then take a big step back with your left foot, turning your toes out slightly while keeping your right toes pointing forward. Lift your arms up to a "T" with palms facing down and shoulders relaxed. Place left hand at your waist, and begin to hinge forward at the waist, bending the right knee gradually shifting your weight into the right leg and you lift your left foot off the floor. Draw your right hand towards the ground or a block as you extend your left arms to wards the sky. Keep your gaze down. Engage your left thigh and foot strongly, as you lift your left leg in line with the left hip and parallel to the earth. Left toes should point away from you. Take several breaths and repeat on opposite side. If you like challenge yourself, bend the back extended leg and nab the ankle with your left hand. Pull the heel closer to left sitting bone for a deeper stretch in the quad. Spin your chest open to the cosmic universe. Breathe for several breaths and release back into half moon pose. Exit by looking towards the right foot, then lower left hand to your waist, and finally lowering the left leg back to the ground. Root down and rise up to stand.

Embrace the Vata:

     The vata dosha is strong this time of year representing air/space. This energy represents the heavens, the prana inhaled by God and released for spiritual growth. It is the ethereal aethers that connect the opening of the crown chakra to the angelic realm. The twelve sides of the aethers encapsulates the four cardinal points with three doors of entry. It is the journey of the soul to navigate these door entries - exploring the roots and connection to humanity, the human race family, sage advice from the elders, soul mission to serve other beings towards enlightenment, and keeping creation in perpetual motion. 

     As vata rises there is movement and change. This movement and change is represented by the phases of the moon. One of the greatest lessons the yogi can learn from the moon and the sun for that matter,  is that everything we experience has an internal source of energy. Within our bodies, the sun and the moon occupy opposing halves. The moon presides over the left energy channel (ida nadi), and the sun presides over the right one (pingala nadi). Ideally, we strive to seek balance between both sources of light, basking in the moon as much as the sun and learning to work with both types of energy as we progress on the path to enlightenment.

     Within our yoga practice, we learn the truth of age-old wisdom, "as above, so below." As with the sun and the moon in the sky, we seek to find as much joy in the shadow and lunar places or our lives as we do in the bright and solar places. We move past the source of our troubles, avidya or the cloud of unknowing into spiritual knowledge of pure abundance.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl


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