Friday, November 7, 2014

Allow Peace to Lead The Way

Allow Peace to Lead The Way


How can we allow peace into our lives and bring it into the lives of others? The easiest way to do this in my opinion is through a daily meditation practice. Easier said then done, as to quiet the mind for even a few seconds is challenging let alone for the recommended 30 minutes. So why even do it? Meditation is not only a healthy practice but an access point to our higher self - referred many times to the 3rd eye or point between the brow. Here we can access guidance from our spirit guides and tap into a realm of peace and quietude that can transform our day-to-day activities.  Sounds like a worthwhile practice to me.

Where to begin:

The best way to begin meditating it to commit to a few minutes a day, preferable in the morning, to sit and just be silent. Your mind will begin to race but just try to acknowledge the thoughts that float in and allow them to pass. It’s helpful to use your breath to move pass these active thoughts. The louder the breath the better, as the sound becomes a mantra for your focus.


Make sure you do whatever it takes to be comfortable in your meditation. An erect spine and open chest is best for effective meditation. However, this is easier said than done. It’s not easy to sit in an erect position without some part of your body beginning to speak up. Following these simple tips on staying comfortable will go a long way for your meditation practice.

1. Use props to support your hips, low back, knees or whatever area you need assistance with.

2. Make sure your hips are at least 3 inches higher than your knees.

3. Sit in a chair if the floor is too difficult.

4. Prop your back against a wall to maintain posture.

The important thing here is to do what it takes to be comfortable so your focus is on the breath and meditation rather than an uncomfortable hip, back or knee. Whatever prop you choose just stick to a routine so you develop a habit for a meditation practice.
Simple Mantra:
Sometimes something as simple as the sound mantra for the breath or "So Hum" can be a very effective meditation technique. Simply repeat the sound of "So" on your inhalation and the sound of "Hum" on your exhalation. Repeat the cycle breath mantra for several minutes to quiet the mind and ease your focus inward.

3rd Eye Mandala:

The mandala or sacred image of the 3rd eye in my intuitive opinion appears to convey the
fire of heaven that pulls us deep into our very being. The easiest way is straight in – no detours just move into higher being.  As you do so there is a windfall of blessings that funnels into the physical plane of being. Widen the web of illusion with truth. Listen with big ears and see with big eyes.
 All potential and all knowing (OM), come from the web behind the veil of illusion. Allow the wheel to keep turning one spoke at a time – for this is the way we come and we go.
This is my interpretation of the third eye. It has a natural and powerful way to help us perceive and command things in this material world through the path of the heavenly world. The path is crystal clear that opens the door to peace. We can walk in and trust our intuition, know right timing so as to limit the amount of self induced stress and suffering that undoubtedly leads to inner and outer chaos. Let go of the illusions and tap into the source of peace available for us at any time and at any turn.
Mary Jane

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