Friday, September 6, 2019

So Ham - I am That

When you look into the water you see the sky

     The mantra So ham is the natural sound of the breath - your inhale making the sound So and your exhale making the sound Ham. So ham means I am that. It signifies the recognition when we see reflections of ourselves in the world and the world within ourselves. 

     We are a product not just of our DNA, but of every experience we have ever had, our environment, and of every person we have known. When you move through the world, recognize that everyone and everything around you shows you something about yourself. There is significance of a every soul we encounter. When the experience has been passed is when you realize how the person helped us along the way, taking us to the next part of our journey, opened us up to begin learning the next lesson.

     Each moment, each interaction is important. The ones that are barely noticed, and the more significant all count. Some are hurtful and some are joyful. Either way, they helped. Everyone and everything is joined in an intricate dance, a dance in which our souls learn and grow. Honor the lessons of the planet earth and the people who help you learn them.

     Repeat this mantra, So ham  frequently during the day and see how your relationship with the world around you shifts and deepens. This mantra is a reminder that you are divine. There is no need to hold on to stored emotions (samskaras). Instead, liberate your being by letting the sweet sound of your breath be enough.

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