Thursday, October 28, 2010

What About That Refrigerator???

Well, we are coming up on a full week with my "singing refrigerator" being silenced by the unruly service man. The fixture still remains in my kitchen looking as if it always did with one exception...IT DOESN'T WORK! I can't tell you how many times we open it up fully expecting food source and then remember we have to take the daily trip into the living room to find sustenance.

Of course my husband is thrilled with his new living room. It's hard to determine what he is more fixated with now, the remote or the new refrigerator location. Call me crazy but I believe my couch is moving a few inches everyday closer to that Food Box. I just know that in the very near future that refrigerator is going to become the new end table. Here me out on this one. Can you just visualize the're watching your favorite TV show and your hungry, or better yet just thirsty. No need to move an inch, all you have to do is lean forward and open that beast and there you have it. Now I know these refrigerator end tables exist out there somewhere - QVC maybe, but it's not my idea of good feng shui.

This refrigerator issue is beginning to weigh heavy on my last nerve. My plan...make another call to the service department, take a deep breath, and run for my yoga mat. I find a little diversion from the frustration goes a long way.

I loved to hear about some of your frustrations out there and see what karmic cure I have in mind for you!

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