Friday, October 22, 2010

The refrigerator that sung a high note...

So here I am working away on my computer creating the next feng shui and yoga class and the only thing I can focus on is the high pitch humming sound coming from my new refrigerator. This is a daily song that hums the same note repeatedly day after day. Well, today was the day I had enough of the soprano refrigerator. Along walks in the repair man - did I mention this was a new refrigerator? The next thing I know not only is the singing food box silenced, but it was put out of its misery with a flick of a switch - No compressor and control board. Hmm...Did I mention the refrigerator was fully stocked with a fresh food shop and it was a Friday afternoon? Here comes the good part...Miss Feng Shui Master and Yogi, instead of breathing, finds herself in an outer body experience telling the appliance department a few choice words that I would rather not repeat. So the moral of the story - take a breath before reacting and know your inner spirit is always calm and knows what to do. Whew... Need the shui and yoga -

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