Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Living Room Refrigerator

Are you still breathing? So the saga continues with my singing refrigerator. Now that it was put to its final resting place, the appliance department decided to give us a loner refrigerator to get through the weekend. And where to you think they dropped the loner off? That's my living room along side my giant wooden armoire. Move over HGTV here's a new look for living rooms that even your best designers didn't think of.

I'm sure any of the men out there reading this blog think nothing of a refrigerator in the living room and probably think, "What a grand idea." I suppose I can live with this new look for a few days, but I'm a little worried my husband will make it a permanent furnishing. I have to admit it was rather convenient last night while watching a movie to have instant access to food and beverage not to mention the water light on the refrigerator door dubbing as a romantic lighting source. Did I really just say that?

Okay, let's look at this from a feng shui perspective. First off, my new refrigerator sits in the NE 3rd mountain or what is referred to as the Tiger energy. This happens to be a Tiger year and the Grand Duke should not be disturbed. Shame on the Feng Shui master - yours truly who just had to have her new kitchen floor and appliances. Well, let's just say I upset energy that shouldn't have been agitated and the result was problems with the new tile floor along with a new refrigerator blowing apart. Lesson learned...practice what you preach. At least I can rest easy that my refrigerators' temporary home is actually satisfying an elemental cure necessary for this month energy in that particular portent of the home:)

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