"Pie in the Sky" Yogini: Warrior 1

Warrior 1 can be a very challenging pose as so much is happening in the body. Build from the foundation (feet up), is how I like to instruct my yogis. Feel as though your heels (front and back) are trying to move toward each other, this will effectively activate the inner thighs or hug muscle to bone so there is room to organically grow in the pose.

The tricky part about this pose is keeping the hips square. I like to have my yogis continue to build upon the foundation by setting their hands on their sacrum to make sure the hips are in alignment - this will require the hip associated with the front leg to move back and the hip associated with the back leg to move forward. Hug to the mid-line, engage the pelvic floor and get long on the side body. At the same time, soften the front rib cage and externally rotate the upper arm bones so the shoulder blades meet at thoracic spine. Let the heart space widen and lift the energy through spreading fingers. This will allow you to plug back in to the back   of the heart.

~Mary Jane


Illustrator: www.anncurchgaglianopillustrator.com


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